2023-YÖKDİL/1 answer papers and candidate answers are open to access

Candidates applying for the exam can enter the “https://ais.osym.gov.tr” address of ÖSYM with their TR ID numbers and passwords, select the relevant exam and the “View Answer Paper” screen, and read the answer sheet image, markings and markings they use with optical readers. will be able to see the obtained answers and correct answers.

In addition, when the candidates click on the question numbers on the form where the candidate answers and the answer key are published, they will be able to see the answer they gave to the question about the question root, answer options and the correct answer to the question in a new window that opens for each question.

While the questions are displayed in the question and option sequence of the booklet used by the candidate in the exam, the candidates’ raw scores will be displayed along with the total number of correct, incorrect and blank answers in the tests.

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