67 thousand students from the earthquake zone will enter LGS in 71 provinces

Şensoy announced the final preparations of the Ministry of National Education (MEB) for the central exam within the scope of LGS, which will be held on June 4, to AA correspondent.

Expressing that the central exam within the scope of LGS will be held on Sunday, June 4th, Şensoy reminded that they receive exam applications centrally as in previous years.

Noting that students in 71 provinces outside the earthquake zone will take the central exam within the scope of LGS in their own schools, Şensoy said, “Exam entrance documents will be placed on the desks by the school administration on the day of the exam. We want our students to come to the exam with a valid ID card.” said.

Şensoy stated that every precaution has been taken by the Ministry of National Education, provincial and district national education directorates, governorships and district governorships to ensure that the LGS central exam can be conducted safely.

The exam will consist of only the first semester subjects.

Reminding that they publish sample questions every month during the exam process, as in previous years, Sadri Şensoy said that they made a booklet with the sample questions published before and distributed them first to the earthquake region and then to the whole Turkey.

Noting that the number of auxiliary resources they provided to students this year reached 190 million, Şensoy emphasized that they provided great convenience to students with all these efforts.

Regarding the content of the exam, Şensoy said, “We did not include the subjects of the second semester of the 8th grade in the exam in order to prevent our students in the earthquake zone from experiencing any unjust treatment. So there will be an exam only from the first semester subjects of the 8th grade.” he reminded.

Needs can be met between two sessions

Expressing that the central exam within the scope of LGS consists of two sessions, Şensoy gave the following information:

“In the first session, which will start at 09.30, in the oral session, students will be asked a total of 50 questions from Turkish, Turkish Revolution History and Kemalism, Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge and foreign language courses, and a 75-minute response time will be given. Students will be given 80 minutes in the second session, where 40 questions will be asked in total. They will have free time between the two sessions. Between the two sessions, the students will be able to go out to the school gardens and meet their needs.”

“There will be no victimization in the earthquake zone”

Sadri Şensoy stated that they have implemented applications that provide convenience to students in the provinces in the earthquake zone.

Reminding that they gave earthquake-affected students the convenience of choosing to take the exam in the province and district they want, Şensoy said, “In this context, 67 thousand of our 8th grade students studying in the earthquake region applied with the request to take the exam in 71 provinces.” said.

Şensoy, who gave information about the preparations for the students in the earthquake area, continued as follows:

“We opened the examination place preference application process for our students in the earthquake zone at the same time as the whole of Turkey, the applications were completed until May 26. However, if there are students who want to take the exam in other provinces due to a change of residence, transfer or other force majeure reasons, they can take the exam until 30 May. These students applied to the provincial and district commissions and determined their place to take the exam. Later on, if our children request a transfer, change of province or a change of location due to some problems, they will not experience any grievances by applying to the provincial and district commissions, especially this year. “We do not want the children to have any problems in taking the exam due to the earthquake. We have taken all the necessary precautions regarding this. We have informed our provincial and district directors about the issue. Therefore, our students will not have any problems at the entrance to the exam.”

Exam entrance places of earthquake survivor students were determined as central

Şensoy stated that they have made special studies for the earthquake region regarding the central exam within the scope of LGS, “If there are students who do not choose a province or district for the exam in the earthquake region, the exam entrance places of these students have been determined as central by the Ministry. We have taken every precaution to avoid any disruptions in this regard. ” said.

Şensoy stated that they have implemented support and training courses in the earthquake zone very intensively during this process and continued his words as follows:

“We have created approximately 3,450 support and training course points. We reprinted the textbooks and supplementary books we distributed to our students here at the beginning of the year, upon the instruction of the Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, and sent them to these provinces. In addition, in our support and training courses here, our students in 71 provinces are measured and evaluated. “We sent our teachers, who are especially experienced in writing questions. We gave these courses in tents and containers in the first place. Later on, we were given this opportunity in the NATO Tent City of approximately 4,000 people, provided by the Ministry of National Defense. Again in Iskenderun, the Rauf Bey Ship” We opened support and training courses that benefited about 2,400 students in Istanbul and the participation here was quite high.”

Answer key in the afternoon, booklets the next day, results on June 26

Şensoy reminded that this year, as in previous years, students can get their exam booklets from the schools where they took the exam the next day.

Sadri Şensoy made the following evaluations regarding the exam:

“This year, we will hold the LGS central exam in 15,532 schools and 81,570 halls. There will be a total of 465,274 staff in two sessions. This year, 1 million 246 thousand 429 students are enrolled in the 8th grade, approximately 256 thousand of these students are in the earthquake zone. 67 thousand of our students from the earthquake zone demanded to take the exam in 71 provinces and we fulfilled these demands. We made the application of all the remaining students centrally. There is no obligation to take the exam. Only students who want will take the exam. As the Ministry of National Education, we make two types of placements. One of them is exam. We place the children in schools based on the address we call local placement. We will announce the LGS central exam results on June 26. No documents will be sent to the students. Students will receive their exam results electronically. After that, our placement process will begin and We will publish the LGS selection and placement guide on the same day. Afterwards, the placement process will start. Therefore, when this whole process is over, we will have placed all our students who graduated from the 8th grade into a school in the 9th grade.”

Şensoy stated that the teachers will take part in the exam outside of their own schools, and that there will be no problems in this regard as there are control and warning systems in the information processing system.

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