Answer papers of YKS candidates are open to access

According to the announcement on the OSYM website, the answers given by the candidates for the 2023-YKS 1st session Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) on June 17, the 2023-YKS 2nd Session Field Proficiency Tests (AYT) applied on June 18 and the 2023-YKS 3rd session Foreign Language Test (YDT) candidates to the questions and the correct answers to the questions and the evaluation results can be examined for 10 days at

Candidates will be able to see the answer sheet image they used in the exam, their markings, the answers obtained by reading the markings with optical readers, and the correct answers by logging in with their TR ID numbers and passwords and selecting the relevant exam and the “View Answer Paper” screen.

In addition, when the question numbers on the form where the candidate’s answers and answer key are published are clicked, the answer given by the candidate to the question about the question root, answer options and the correct answer to the question will be displayed in a new window opened for each question.

On the relevant page, the raw scores of the candidates are displayed along with the total number of correct, incorrect and blank answers in the tests.

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