Applications have started for the Türkiye International Student Admission Exam.

ÖSYM President Prof. Dr. Bayram Ali Ersoy, in his written statement, said that 2023 TR-YÖS, which foreign students who want to study in higher education institutions in Turkey can take and use their results when applying for admission to these institutions, will be held in 17 provinces in the country and TRNC, Afghanistan, Germany, Austria, including Nicosia abroad. , Azerbaijan, Algeria, Chad, Indonesia, Ethiopia, France, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Mali, Egypt, Mauritania, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia, Somaliland, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Tunisia. He noted that it will be implemented in 53 exam centers.

It will be held in 6 languages

Ersoy stated that candidates will be asked 40 questions from the Numerical Ability Test and 40 questions from the Basic Mathematics Test, for a total of 80 questions, and that the exam will be held in Turkish, German, English, French, Russian and Arabic.

“With the exam, we make the job of our universities significantly easier”

ÖSYM President Ersoy stated the following regarding the exam:

“The validity period of TR-YÖS will be two years from the date of the exam. The use of the exam results in accepting students from abroad will be recommended to higher education institutions by the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education. Every year, we conduct dozens of exams in which millions of candidates participate. As ÖSYM, with our half-century experience, we can meet new demands. We aim to provide answers and increase our exam diversity accordingly.

We implemented YÖS after 13 years in order to ensure standardization in accepting students from abroad, and now we will implement the second one. With this exam, we make the job of our universities significantly easier, we relieve our institutions from a huge burden and we save money as a country. Instead of universities holding separate exams, we offer the opportunity to complete the process with a single exam in accordance with ÖSYM standards. “In addition to making international contributions to our country, we also strive to increase the achievements of ÖSYM.”

2023 TR-YÖS/2 applications will last until September 28.

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