Call to the rectors for candidates who will choose from YÖK

YÖK President Erol Özvar sent a message to the rectors regarding the YKS preference process.

Pointing out that the candidates who will choose a university need guidance, Özvar conveyed his thanks to the universities and the Ministry of National Education, which guide the students in this framework and provide promotional services about higher education programs, and drew attention to the fact that these services provided by the universities make the university life of the students more productive and contribute to their careers.

“Providing guidance and promotional services is paramount”

Özvar, in his message, said:

“It is extremely important to provide guidance and promotion services so that our students can use their potential at the highest level by making conscious and right choices. Moreover, the services you will provide to candidates need to cover not only your programs but also other programs.

The most effective way to prevent any wrong information given to the candidates by unauthorized persons and any future grievances will be this public service, which you will present with correct information. In this context, I would like to remind the importance of all staff and candidates responsible for guidance to consult the current information in the 2023-YKS Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide prepared by the Council of Higher Education and the Assessment, Selection and Placement Center.

“I expect you to take due care”

Emphasizing that adopting a student-centered approach in higher education will increase the quality of universities and help young people take a step towards the future with confidence, Özvar said, “In this context, I expect you to show the necessary care to review the existing services to be offered to the candidates or to make the necessary plans for the provision of new services. I fully believe that your efforts in this process will contribute to our candidates making the right choice.” used the phrases.

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