Congratulation from OSYM President Ersoy to 10 champions in YKS

Ersoy invited the champions to ÖSYM, where he talked on the phone about how they prepared for YKS, how they found the exam, whether they expected the first place and their career goals.

Among the university preferences of the students who came to the top by getting full points in the exam, there are computer, artificial intelligence and data, mechanical engineering, economics, law, psychology and theology departments.

ÖSYM President Ersoy talked to 10 YKS champions by phone.

Mustafa Özcan, a graduate of Ankara-Atatürk Anatolian High School, one of the numerical winners of the Field Proficiency Tests (AYT) sought by Ersoy, said that he was very happy when his phone rang and learned that the President of ÖSYM wanted to talk to him.

prof. Dr. Thanking Bayram Ali Ersoy for calling him, Özcan said, “Maybe the President of ÖSYM will call in the morning.” I was thinking, and I was happy when I called. I don’t remember ever being this happy.” said.

ÖSYM President Ersoy said, “Two candidates came first in numbers, and you are one of them. How does it feel?” Özcan expressed that he was very happy and excited.

Mustafa Özcan talked about his work that brought him to the first place in YKS with the following words:

“I was thinking that it might not have been first place, but I was thinking that it might be in the top 10, top 20. I came in 68th in Equal Weight. I worked regularly, frankly, it is an achievement that comes from behind. I have been working regularly since primary school. I have been working regularly since primary school. I have continued this since the 9th grade, I was hung in the 12th grade. I studied constantly, I read the books of the Ministry of National Education. I looked at platforms such as EBA, academic support. I did a lot of tests and solved the questions in the market.”

Expressing that he received great support from his teachers, Özcan said, “It may be METU Computer Engineering, but it is not clear yet.” said.

Mother Derya Özcan, on the other hand, said, “Mustafa was a good student, he did not mislead us. he said.

“My goal is to become a computer engineer”

ÖSYM President Ersoy then phoned Namık Emre Acar, a graduate of Konya-Private Professional Education Science High School, one of the AYT numerical winners.

Stating that the result was a surprise, Acar stated that he did not leave his preparations until the last year and stated that he worked regularly and said, “I achieved the degree by studying regularly. My family was very supportive, they gave moral support and support to the end. My teachers were also very supportive. My goal is to become a computer engineer. I haven’t decided on university yet.” said.

His father, on the other hand, expressed that they were very happy when they learned of his son’s result.

“I prepared for the exam by studying the missing subjects”

Harun Durak, a graduate of Niğde-Bor Şehit Ramazan Talk Science High School, who came first in the “Basic Proficiency Test (TYT)” meeting with Ersoy, stated that he had just graduated, that he had prepared for the exam by completing the missing subjects, and that he was undecided about the choice.

ÖSYM President Ersoy conveyed his greetings to Durak’s family.

Baba Ekici: He was attracted to his mother, he came first

Equal Weight (EA) winner Emre Ekici, a graduate of Afyonkarahisar-Süleyman Demirel Science High School, said, “Success in the exam is not a miraculous event that happened in the last year. Any information that I encounter in life comes across at some point in my life. An article we read on the Internet, any video we watch are all things that contribute to our knowledge. When a serious work done in the last two years is added to this knowledge, a degree comes.” he said.

Ersoy also congratulated father Yakup Ekici and said, “You should be proud, I hope your child will have good luck from now on, he will be a good young man for the country and the nation.” said.

Stating that his wife was the first in high school and he was the second in school, Ekici said, “We used to joke, ‘When the first and second in the school get married, what will their children be?’ He said. God granted. used the phrase.

Ekici stated that his son will come to Ankara for the university, and that he has not yet decided on the choice.

“It wasn’t the result I expected, I didn’t check it, I’ll see when it’s announced”

Ersoy told AYT Verbal winner Ahmet Berk Takir, a graduate of Istanbul Kabataş High School for Boys, “You became the Verbal winner, you probably read a lot.” he called.

Stating that he could not read as much as he wanted during the exam year, Takır explained how he worked and his goals as follows:

“I was making a written program at the beginning of every week. I didn’t have to decide when I sat at the desk, about what to study. It wasn’t the result I expected, I didn’t check it, I’ll check it out when it’s announced.”

Pointing out that his main goal is to be in the top 100 in the field of EA, Takir said, “It seemed like it could be, but I also wanted to solve it verbally. I was probably thinking that I would be in the 60-70th place. I also came in 4th in EA. I want law, I’m thinking of choosing between Koç or Galatasaray University.”

Mumtaz Takır, a high school graduate and medical doctor father, who graduated from the same high school as his son, said, “The news we got after waking up in the morning made us feel proud, we were in tears. I hope my son will be a good son for the country and the nation.” he said.

YDT champions also talked about their goals

Metin Furkan Amarat, a graduate of İzmir-Private Buca Doga Science and Technology High School, said that he did not expect the result at all, that he entered YDT with the guidance of his foreign language teacher, and that he was 313th in Sayısal.

Stating that he wanted the Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University, Amarat said, “Especially my teachers have a lot of effort on me. They were very good and devoted people in their fields, I cannot repay their efforts.” he said.

Ersoy also thanked his teachers for raising a student like Amarat.

“I worked regularly”

Emirhan Kılıç, a graduate of Istanbul-Galatasaray University, Galatasaray High School, who is the winner of YDT French, stated that he works regularly and is waiting for the result.

Expressing that he is the main EA candidate, Kılıç said, “I am 32nd in Equal Weight and 24th in Verbal. I am considering studying economics at Boğaziçi or Koç University.” said.

“My goal is mechanical engineering”

Volkan Emre Eke, a graduate of İzmir Atatürk High School, ranked first in YDT German, stated that he is a numerical student, and that he obtained a sufficient result for mechanical engineering in this field.

Explaining that she found the exam good, Eke said, “Numerically, I think the questions were good, they were enough, it was worth studying. I tried to study regularly and adequately. I want mechanical engineering, especially in Germany. My YDT German degree will also contribute to me well.” used the phrase.

Ersoy, who also met with Eke’s family, said, “I hope that he will complete his education abroad, but ultimately work as an engineer who is beneficial to our country.” he said.

“I want to study psychology”

YDT Russian winner Bengisu Akbaba, a graduate of İzmir Private Takev Anatolian High School, said that his focus was not on language, and he could not believe the result when he saw the result.

Expressing that he got a result above his expectations by placing 842nd in Equal Weight, Akbaba said, “I want to study at METU Psychology Department. It can be Boğaziçi or Koç, I will talk to my family and decide now.” said.

“It continued for a year with both material and moral effort”

YDT Arabic winner Hüseyin Furkan Erdem, a graduate of Konya-Mustafa Büyükkaplan Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, said that he expected a good result in language score, but not a degree.

Erdem said, “The process continued for a year with both material and spiritual efforts. At the same time, if Allah wills, I am a hafiz. When I sent a message to my teachers at night, I received a response in seconds. There was such a selfless effort. Teachers who dedicate themselves to raising students achieve great success. I came in 5th in Sözel with raw scores, and 3rd in Sözel with a placement score. I want 7 thousand in EA.” he said.

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