Curious about the scholarship exam in 12 questions

‘2023 Primary and Secondary Education Institutions Scholarship Exam (İOKBS) Frequently Asked Questions’ and their answers were published on the website of the ministry.

Accordingly, some questions and answers regarding the exam are as follows:

What are the IOKBS application requirements?

Being a citizen of the Republic of Türkiye or the TRNC. To carry the registration and acceptance conditions specified in the legislation. In primary and secondary schools, not having been given a school change sanction/punishment in the academic year in which the exam is held. Being a student in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades of secondary schools, imam hatip secondary schools or special education secondary schools, and in the preparatory class, 9th, 10th and 11th grades of secondary education institutions.

Being deprived of financial means, provided that the net amount per capita of the family’s annual income for the previous financial year does not exceed at least 4 times the MEB school hostel fee specified in the Central Government Budget Law of the current financial year. The total amount per capita of the family’s annual income in 2022 should not exceed 46 thousand liras determined for the 2023 Fiscal Year. In the determination of family income, all incomes of the family in 2022 will be taken as a basis.

How will the IOKBS quota distribution be determined?

(a) 10 percent of the free boarding or scholarship quotas determined every year to students who are given special rights by law, (b) 5 percent to the students of teachers who work in official schools or institutions affiliated to the ministry, who are retired or deceased. , (c) 5 percent of the students who do not have a secondary school, special education secondary school or imam-hatip secondary school in the settlement where their family lives, (d) 30 percent to the students who were affected by the earthquakes that took place on February 6, 2023, (d) 50 percent’ si (a), (b), (c) and (ç) subparagraphs are reserved for students.

How will the vacant quotas in IOKBS be evaluated?

If the quota specified in sub-paragraphs (a), (c) and (ç) in the question ‘How is the quota distribution of IOKBS determined’ is not filled, the remaining quota is added to the 50 percent quota allocated to other students, (b) if the quota of 5 percent is not filled. If the quota is not filled, the remaining quota is used for the children of other education personnel working in the central, provincial and overseas positions of the ministry, other than the teacher. If it is not filled, the remaining quota is added to the 50 percent quota.

What income should be included in the annual income statement?

In the determination of family income, all incomes of the family in 2022 are taken as basis.

Can students studying abroad apply for the exam?

Students who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey registered to the e-School system abroad can apply through the system, and students who are TRNC citizens can apply through the education attaché/consultancy office with their TRNC ID number.

Can students studying at schools abroad that are not registered in the e-School System apply for the exam?

The Ministry of National Education can make their applications through the embassy or consulate general after the equivalence is made by taking into account the Equivalence Regulation. Documents belonging to students who have studied abroad and are not registered in the e-School system will be sent by the embassy or consulate general to the e-mail address [email protected] ​​during the application period.

In addition, the originals of the documents sent via e-mail should be sent to the General Directorate of Measurement, Evaluation and Examination Services, Police District, Milas Sokak, No: 8 Teknikokullar/Yenimahalle 06560/Ankara, by 26 June 2023 at the latest. The ‘ANNEX-2 Application Form for Students Who Are Not Registered to the e-School System Abroad, which is included in the guide, will be filled with complete and correct information and will be approved by the Republic of Turkey embassy or consulate general officials abroad.

What are the documents to be requested from students studying at schools abroad that are not registered with the e-School System?

One passport-sized photograph, a photocopy of a valid identity document, a certified equivalency certificate, a statement showing the Financial Status of the Student’s Family and a copy of its annexes, filled with complete and correct information. A copy of the IOKBS Application Form for Students Who Are Not Registered to the e-School System Abroad, filled with complete and correct information.

How do students applying from TRNC and abroad benefit from scholarship if they pass the exam?

Starting from the 2023-2024 academic year, scholarships will be available if they continue their education in official secondary schools, imam hatip secondary schools and secondary education institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. Scholarships of students who continue their education or enroll in schools abroad will be cancelled.

What are the situations in which the application will be deemed invalid?

If there is a lack, error or contradiction in the student’s information in the electronic environment, the school administration has not approved the application in the electronic environment, the information and documents required for the application have not been submitted to the school administration in full, the equivalence has not been duly regulated despite the fact that he has studied in schools that are not registered in the e-School system, application will be considered invalid.

How to apply for IOKBS exam?

Application procedures can be made at ​​or ​​until 16 June 2023.

When will the IOKBS exam entrance place and document be published?

Information such as exam entrance place, hall, queue number, exam precaution service will be published at ‘’ internet address at least 7 days before the exam date. The exam entrance document with a photo will be received by the school directorates in electronic environment, and after it is sealed and approved, it will be kept ready in the hall and in the queue where the student will take the exam.

Can IOKBS exam entrance place change?

In case of natural disasters, fire, quarantine and similar extraordinary situations, the examination place of the student can be changed with the approval of the General Directorate of Assessment and Examination Services upon the proposal of the Regional Examination Executive Commission.

The exam will be held in a single session at the exam centers on Sunday, September 3 at 10:00. In the exam, all grade levels will be asked 100 questions and the exam duration will be 120 minutes.

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