Decisions from YÖK regarding university students in the 4 provinces most affected by the earthquake

At the Higher Education Executive Board meeting dated September 5, 2023, the Board discussed the education and training processes, taking into account the earthquake impact of the buildings of the universities in these provinces and the accommodation opportunities of the students.

The decisions taken at the meeting were sent to the Ministry of National Education and the rectorates of state universities.

Accordingly, for the 2023-2024 academic year; University senates will decide in which programs and classes face-to-face and in which programs and classes there will be distance education in associate degree and undergraduate programs within faculties and colleges, and in which programs and classes within the institutes, face-to-face and / or distance education will be given on the basis of department / program in graduate programs within the institutes.

Students who will receive distance education or face-to-face education, who request it, will be given a program that is equivalent to the program they are registered in and whose language of instruction is the same, without being subject to the special student provisions of the “Regulation on the Principles of Transfer Between Associate and Undergraduate Programs in Higher Education Institutions, Double Major, Minor and Inter-Institutional Credit Transfer”. Special student rights will be granted in programs at other state universities.

In this context, students who want to study as special students will apply to state universities where they want to be special students, taking into account the start date of the 2023-2024 academic year. Special student applications will be accepted if the university they are applying to has a program and a class equivalent to the program the student is enrolled in and the language of instruction is the same.

Upon request, the right to suspend registration for one year will be granted, without being included in the education period.

Students who have been decided by the university senate to provide education through distance education and who have not applied to receive education as private students at another university, but who need to take the “teaching practice” course face to face, will be able to continue this course at the universities in their province, upon their request, or can apply for private student status only for this course.

If necessary, universities will appoint a responsible unit to coordinate the work and transactions of students in this situation.

All students registered at universities in Adıyaman, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Malatya will be given the right to freeze their registration for one year, without being included in the academic period.

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