Details of the ‘process-oriented rather than exam-oriented’ measurement system in primary schools have been announced

With the new process, “situation assessment” will become a frequently heard concept in schools, and the measurement tools prepared by the Ministry of National Education for this purpose will be made available to teachers.

Kemal Bülbül, General Manager of Measurement, Evaluation and Examination Services, made a statement about the innovations in measurement and evaluation practices in primary schools.

Bülbül said that the new regulation, which includes the transition from a result-oriented measurement system to a process-oriented measurement system in schools, will bring a new perspective to the evaluation of the learning processes of students at kindergarten and primary school levels.

Pointing out that teachers carry out continuous measurement activities during lesson activities, Bülbül said:

“The fact that students understand the instructions given, take the right steps and demonstrate what is requested, and the teacher gives instant feedback is actually the full expression of in-class measurement. In our new approach, we aim to do this in a planned manner and keep the student’s products in the development file. With this approach, the regulations stipulate that in the 4th grade of primary school, The practice of written time has been abolished. Instead, the measurement system at all grade levels in primary schools will be based on the student development file with a process-oriented learning approach. The academic and social development of students in pre-school and primary school 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades will be constantly monitored. The development levels of students “Participation in individual and group activities carried out under the guidance of teachers will be monitored with measurement tools such as observation forms, game-based evaluations and fulfillment of assigned tasks.”

“Situation assessment” is more meaningful

Bülbül stated that with this new perspective, the expression “situation assessment” will be heard a lot in schools.

Emphasizing that the main purpose of measuring is to determine and measure the level of development between the student’s current point and the point he has reached, Bülbül said, “Our teachers do very good work in our schools. However, if the evaluation is made based on an exam, the result may not be as desired. The important thing is to determine what is done during the process and the level of development of the student. “We call this ‘situation assessment’ and measuring it is more meaningful for us.” said.

Measuring tools that measure 4 skills are coming to Turkish

General Manager Bülbül stated that special measurement tools will be used in primary schools for 4 skills related to the correct and effective use of Turkish.

Kemal Bülbül stated that they will focus on Turkish teaching and continued as follows:

“The habit of taking tests was formed in schools until the 2nd grade of primary school. But the main thing is that students develop their thinking skills, write what they think, and develop their reasoning abilities. It is very important to develop writing skills among the four skills. Our Ministry started the ‘Improvement of Written Expression Skills’ study in 2016 . We will make the measurement tools we have prepared in this direction available to our teachers, and this will be a much more valuable exercise than solving tests. In addition to the written expression skills of our students, listening and speaking skills should also be developed. Our teachers, in primary schools as well as in secondary schools and high schools, play an important role in developing these skills of their students. “We will undertake this and as the Ministry, we will constantly follow this.”

“It is important not to constantly solve questions, but to understand what you read.”

Kemal Bülbül, General Manager of Measurement, Evaluation and Examination Services, said that parents think that their children must constantly solve questions and take trial exams for exam success, and this is not very healthy.

Pointing out that students’ reasoning and reasoning skills should be developed instead of making students solve tests in order to prepare for exams and be successful in the exam, Bülbül said, “If the student understands what he reads and can find a solution to the problem using what is given, it is inevitable that he will be successful in the exam.” said.

Stating that teachers cannot easily abandon classical measurement habits, but they know that result-oriented measurement disturbs them, Bülbül said, “It is not easy to give up habits, but we all agree that our students should follow the textbooks, actively participate in the lesson, and write their own thoughts instead of choosing the answers to the questions.” “It will make them even more successful.” he said.

Bülbül stated that, as the Ministry, they will start publishing “measurement tools” to support teachers in process-oriented measurement and evaluation, and that they will constantly publish sample materials on how to measure what teachers teach via EBA.

General Manager Kemal Bülbül said, “It does not matter whether it is primary or secondary education, ranking or comparing students and schools in all measurement studies is not a useful study. It should not be forgotten that if there is a first somewhere, there is also a last one. The important thing is who contributes to what level in the process.” “and how much benefit is achieved from start to finish.” made his assessment.

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