“Education on the 100th Anniversary of the Republic through the Eyes of Teachers” symposium from the Ministry of Education

According to the statement made by the Ministry, the dynamics of the education system based on national and social values ​​will be discussed, taking into account universal values ​​and standards, at the symposium to be held in Ankara on December 26-27, 2023, within the scope of the 100th anniversary celebrations of the Republic.

At the symposium attended by the Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin, the present and future of education from the teachers’ perspective will be discussed in the direction of the teachers’ opinions.

In addition to discussing the strengths and opportunities of education, the symposium will provide important opportunities to better understand the difficulties experienced in education, the role of teachers in the education process, their experiences and expectations for the future.

Thus, evaluations about the current status of the education system and possible future changes will be obtained and contributions will be made to the steps to be taken for improvements in education.

Teachers from home and abroad will be able to apply to the symposium.

Among the guests of the symposium are institutions working at home and abroad, relevant units of the Ministry of National Education, academicians and teachers.

Teachers working in the country and abroad under the Ministry of National Education and teachers working in schools affiliated with the Turkish Maarif Foundation will be able to apply to make presentations at the symposium. Each teacher will be able to apply for only one paper, with single or multiple authors.

Applications will be evaluated by field experts according to the determined scientific criteria, and teachers who are part of the summary evaluation committee will not be able to apply for a paper because it is not ethically appropriate.

Applications will start on October 9th

For symposium applications, “Teaching and Professional Development”, “Cultural Heritage and Values ​​Education in Education”, “Education and Training Process”, “The Effect of Technological Developments on Education”, “Inclusion and Guidance in Education”, “Turkish Schools Abroad and International Schools” and The themes of “Role and Participation of Stakeholders in Education” were determined.

Applications will be made on the symposium website “yuzuncuyildaegitim.meb.gov.tr” starting from October 9, 2023. The system will automatically close after the application deadline of October 20, 2023.

The full texts of the accepted declarations, consisting of 1000 words, will need to be sent to the ministry by December 3, 2023.

The papers presented at the end of the symposium will be compiled into a book. In addition, these presentations will be professionally recorded and made available on the relevant online platforms of the Ministry of National Education.

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