“Educational environments will be in a better place”

Tekin visited the Governorship of Erzurum, Governor Okay Memiş, AK Party Erzurum Deputies Mehmet Emin Öz, Selami Altınok, Fatma Öncü, Abdurrahim Fırat, Deputy Minister of Family and Social Services Zafer Tarıkdaroğlu, Metropolitan Mayor Mehmet Sekmen, AK Party Provincial President İbrahim Küçükoğlu and the institution met with representatives

Speaking after his visit, Tekin reminded that they made their first trips after being appointed as the Minister of National Education to the regions affected by the earthquakes, defined as the “disaster of the century”, in order to meet their education and training needs.

Explaining that with the intense support of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, they have created an environment where the education and training process will start in a healthy way as of the beginning of September in the region, Tekin said, “When our planned permanent investments are completed in terms of the number of classrooms, education environments in all provinces in the earthquake zone will be improved on February 6 in terms of both human resources and physical capacity. It will be at a minimum 10-15 percent better point than the previous process.” he said.

Emphasizing that Erzurum is one of the cornerstones of Anatolia in terms of both the Turkish-Islamic state tradition and its contribution to the War of Independence, Tekin continued:

“In terms of the projection of the Century of Turkey drawn by our President, Erzurum is the ‘Mandate and patronage’ given during the congresses in the War of Independence struggle, in terms of both the liberation struggle, the bond to be established between the past and the future, and our being a fully independent, free country with an important place in the world league. .’ Undoubtedly, it is the place where the most beautiful messages will be given in terms of the formation and construction of the Turkish Century.”

Minister of National Education Tekin stated that they will work hard for the revitalization of Erzurum in accordance with its historical importance and for it to become one of the key provinces for Turkey again, and said, “I congratulate the holiday of all the Islamic world, especially our nation, and my fellow citizens of Erzurum.” used the phrases.

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