First session started at YKS – Breaking News

The first session of the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) organized by the Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), Basic Proficiency Test (TYT), started today at 10:15.

The exam duration of the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT), which was 135 minutes, was increased by 30 minutes to 165 minutes this year.

In TYT, 40 questions in the Turkish test, 5 in the social sciences test, 5 in geography, 5 in philosophy, 5 each in religious culture and ethics or additional philosophy, 40 in basic mathematics test, 7 in physics, 7 in chemistry and 6 in biology. There are 20 questions in the science test.

Second session tomorrow

The second session of the exam, Field Proficiency Tests (AYT), will start at 10:15 tomorrow, and candidates will be given 180 minutes to answer 160 questions.

The “Turkish language and literature-social sciences-1” test at AYT will consist of 40 questions. In this test, candidates will answer 24 questions from Turkish language and literature, 10 from history-1, and 6 from geography-1.

AYT’s social sciences-2 test will consist of 40 questions, mathematics test 40, and science test 40 questions. There will be 11 questions from history-2, 11 questions from geography-2, 12 questions from philosophy group, 6 questions from religious culture and ethics or additional philosophy questions in the social sciences test. The distribution in the science test will be in the form of 14 questions for physics, 13 questions for chemistry and 13 questions for biology.

Foreign Language Test will take 120 minutes

The third session of the Foreign Language Test (YDT) to be held tomorrow will start at 15.45 and the candidates will have 120 minutes for 80 questions. There was no change in the duration of the AYT and YDT sessions. YDT will be held in German, Arabic, French, English and Russian languages.

Candidates will not be admitted to the exam buildings after 10:00 in the morning sessions and after 15:30 in the afternoon sessions.

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