Folk dances will be taught as an elective course in schools.

Turkish Folk Dance Federation (THOF) President Suat Aksu stated that the elective course decision was published in the Ministry of National Education’s Announcements Magazine this month.

Expressing that they were very happy with the choice of elective courses for folk dances, Aksu said:

“Turkish folk dances are now an elective course in schools. I thank the Ministry of National Education for this decision. It is a very pleasing situation for our culture and cultural transmission that folk dances take place in schools as an elective course. We believe that the games course will make a very important contribution. In this context, I would like to thank our Minister of National Education, Mr. Yusuf Tekin, and his valuable bureaucrats. We hope that the next step will be included in the curriculum as a compulsory course in primary and secondary schools.”

“We have approximately 250 thousand licensed athletes”

Aksu stated that they have done many studies for the employment of athletes and coaches, and that they have held meetings with many institutions and organizations in this context.

Explaining that they restarted the activities of the Credit and Hostels Institution, which they did not do for a long time due to the pandemic in 2020, Aksu continued his words as follows:

“We have held discussions with the Ministry of Youth and Sports on this matter. We held both our regional and Turkey finals within the scope of the protocol we signed. Our coaches will start their training activities again in these institutions. We have approximately 250 thousand licensed athletes throughout Turkey. In 2018, Public Education Centers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education” As a result of the protocol, we brought our 5 thousand master trainers in charge of our community as trainers. Thus, we became a federation with a single roof.”

“Folk dances tell about our ancient past, the traditions of our ancestors”

Suat Aksu stated that folk dances are both cultural and sportive activities that tell the ancient past of Anatolia.

Expressing that they put their past experiences on the stage, Aksu said, “After our federation was founded, our folk players became athletes, our master trainers became coaches, and our jury members became referees. Folk dances tell about our ancient past and the traditions of our ancestors. We have always gathered our joy, sorrow and sadness in these games. Folk dances and sports Is it culture or is it culture? Of course, there are different perspectives on this matter. Although the name of our activity is sports, it is actually to keep our culture alive. I think folk dances are both sports and culture.”

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