Foreign Language Test, the last session of YKS, has started

A total of 2 million 573 thousand 156 candidates applied to the AYT, and the candidates were given 180 minutes to answer the questions. Among the applicants, there were 9 thousand 528 disabled candidates.

Candidates answered 40 questions in the Turkish Language and Literature-Social Sciences-1 Test, 40 questions in the Social Sciences-2 Test, 40 questions in the Mathematics Test, and 40 questions in the Science Test at AYT.

Last session YDT

The third and last session of the Foreign Language Test (YDT) started at 15.45, and candidates will be given 120 minutes.

The third session of the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS), held in 81 provinces and Nicosia, to which 338 thousand 14 candidates applied, will be held in German, Arabic, French, English and Russian languages ​​and will include a total of 80 questions.

Candidates for the third and final session of YDT were not admitted to the exam halls after 15.30.

This year, 316 thousand 572 candidates from English, 13 thousand 774 from Arabic, 4 thousand 705 from German, 1745 from French and 1218 from Russian are taking the exam at YDT this year.

The exam is administered in 1434 buildings and 16 thousand 811 halls with the participation of 338 thousand 14 candidates. 49 thousand 108 people take part in the last session of the exam. 1165 disabled candidates attend YDT.

Candidates will be asked 80 questions in the exam, which is held in German, Arabic, French, English and Russian, and the duration will be 120 minutes.

According to the OSYM calendar, YKS results will be announced on 20 July.

The excitement of the exam was also experienced in the earthquake zone

In Gaziantep, Kahramanmaraş, Şanlıurfa, Malatya, Kilis, Hatay and Osmaniye, students were taken to the hall after the officers checked their identity and documents and the police teams made a body search. The officials helped some students find the buildings by directing them.

Families waited for their children in front of the buildings and prayed for them.

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