Grade repetition is back in secondary education

The Regulation on Amendments to the Secondary Education Institutions Regulation of the Ministry of National Education was published in today’s issue of the Official Gazette.

A “prevention, intervention and guidance commission” was established in order to carry out studies for students who are at risk of repetition due to absenteeism and failure.

The situation of the student who is absent without an excuse for two consecutive days will be notified to his/her parents by mail, e-mail or other communication means, the parent will be invited to the school and informed about the student’s status, and they will be asked to submit the apology document, if any, to the school administration.

Students whose absence period exceeds 10 days without excuse and 30 days in total will be deemed unsuccessful regardless of their course scores and their parents will be notified in writing.

The total absence period for those who lost their first degree relative will be 40 days, provided that it does not exceed 10 days, which is the unexcused absence period.

The prevention, intervention and orientation commission will invite the parents of students who are absent or at risk of repetition to school on the 5th day of absenteeism, and will cooperate to eliminate the reasons for absenteeism.

Each day of absence without an excuse will be added as one hour to the time stipulated for social responsibility activities specified in the weekly course schedule.

Those who do not have the right to education in the vocational education center and are subject to compulsory education will be directed to open education high school, vocational open education high school or open education imam hatip high school, taking into account the request of parents and students.

With the aim of increasing students’ sense of belonging to the school and ensuring school attendance, each day of unexcused absence will be added as one hour to the period foreseen for social responsibility activities specified in the weekly course schedule.

A new provision has also been introduced for cases where the duration of the reports given by health institutions in cases requiring inpatient treatment exceeds the total period of current absences.

Accordingly, in order to prevent loss of rights in such cases, in cases requiring inpatient treatment, the absence period of students will be controlled and the period of absence will be 60 days, as is the case for students with a disease requiring continuous treatment or organ transplantation.

Transitions to open high schools have been made more difficult

With the new regulation of the Ministry, transitions from formal secondary education institutions to open education high schools have become difficult. With the exception of national athletes, inclusive students, students under the protection law, children of martyrs and veterans, those whose excuse is approved by the Ministry, and students who lost their right to study in formal secondary education institutions according to the relevant provisions of the regulation, transfers and transfers to open high schools will not be possible.

50 success points will not be enough to pass the class

With the regulation, the Ministry made another series of very important regulations regarding passing grades in high schools. Accordingly, the 50 grade point average previously required for transfers to the next upper grade will no longer be sufficient.

In order to ensure that students complete their education and training processes by having the competencies and achievements related to the courses in order to pass the grade, those who have failed a maximum of 1 course will be able to directly move to the next grade, provided that their end-of-year success score is 50.

Students with a new course average of 50 who fail a maximum of 3 courses will be able to move to the next grade as a responsible student. According to the regulation, students who are weak in 4 or more courses in high schools will have to repeat a grade.

This practice will be implemented gradually starting from the 2023-2024 academic year. In this context, new regulations will be applied to 9th grade students who started high school this year, and the old practice will continue for other classes.

In the plans made based on the information of the students who need to participate in the responsibility exams in the e-School system, 12th grade students who cannot graduate from school and are on hold, and students who do not attend school despite being notified of absence, will be included in the responsibility exam plan if they notify the school principal 5 business days before the responsibility exam date. will be included.

Regulations were made regarding grade repetition and the right to education in the vocational education center, and regulations were made to ensure that students of the vocational education center do not proceed to mastery training in the 12th grade without receiving the journeyman certificate in the 11th grade.

While studying at an open education high school, vocational open education high school or open education imam hatip high school, those who are in a position to transfer and transfer to formal secondary education institutions in terms of the credits they have achieved, who meet the registration conditions for formal secondary education institutions by age, who have the right to study in formal secondary education and who are formal in terms of discipline. Students who do not receive a penalty of exclusion from education can be transferred to Anatolian students whose program and quota are suitable, optionally within the secondary education registration area, from the first semester of the new academic year until the end of October in the first semester of the new academic year, and from the first business day of the semester until the end of February in the second semester, by the decision of the student transfer and placement commission. They will be able to transfer and transfer to high schools, Anatolian imam hatip high schools, Anatolian vocational programs of vocational and technical Anatolian high schools, multi-program Anatolian high schools, vocational and technical education centers and vocational training centers.

While evaluating the situations of transfer and transfer students; The courses for which they have received credit in open education high schools and the courses in the weekly course schedule of formal secondary education institutions will be compared and matched on a class basis, and the total number of course hours will be credited by multiplying by two, excluding the course hours that are not evaluated with guidance and points. They will be transferred and transferred to the class they are associated with in terms of total credits. The number of credits will not be taken into account when transferring to a vocational training center.

Cell phone use

Precautions will be taken to ensure that students use mobile phones and other IT devices in educational environments in line with the provisions of the regulation.

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