Interview centers will be established in 30 provinces for teacher appointments.

Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin clarified the interview discussions regarding teacher appointments.

Answering questions in a program broadcast on CNN Türk, Tekin said;

In the current regulation, our teachers are appointed based on KPSS scores and interviews. Currently, teachers are appointed with a 100 percent interview score. We want to make it 50-50. KPSS 50 percent, interview 50 percent.

Interviews will be held in 30 metropolitan cities. During the interview, we will ask the teacher candidate, ‘Tell us a lesson’. We have created an electronic question bank for each of our teacher friends regarding the field they are applying for. When our prospective teachers enter the hall, a random question from this question bank will be presented electronically.

We will measure communication skills and problem solving skills. To be able to do this without compromising anyone’s rights or without any ideological favoritism. The commission member will not have any information about the candidate. These are the precautions we will take before the exam.

“There will be no injustice in the interview”

The candidate will hand over the paper to us saying “I explained the things you talked about here like this” on an exam paper. Camera recording will also be taken. We are open to improvements and constructive suggestions.

I’m open to suggestions. It will not be clear who will face whom. First of all, the confidentiality of the commission member, the confidentiality of the candidate… The question we will ask our candidate is completely random, recorded on camera… Ideological favoritism will never, definitely not happen. There will be no injustice in the interview.

I expect the criticizing unions and some political parties to bring me their suggestions in writing instead of making such random criticisms, not to read their intentions.

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