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Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin wrote a letter to teachers on the occasion of the new academic year.

Tekin, who sent his letter to all teachers via text message, stated that he wanted to convey his feelings and thoughts to the teachers who will carry the 100th anniversary of the Republic into the Turkish Century.

Emphasizing that children who are educated in culture, manners and every aspect will undoubtedly be remembered most in their adventures of growing up and establishing their own world, Tekin noted the following in his letter:

“In the universal reality of building tomorrow from today, preparing the generations in every respect according to the conditions of our age will come into existence through the efforts of us educators. Every teacher who touches not only the minds but also the hearts of our children will build a brand new world and take part in the most sacred and saddest of memories worth remembering. Teachers’ Room One of the issues that I had the opportunity to experience personally in their conversations was that the fatigue of labor, compassion and sublime happiness that spread from your souls to your faces were not separated from those very familiar teacher qualities for all of us.”

“I know very well that you see each of our children as a Türkiye”

Stating that teachers embrace children like mothers and fathers, Tekin included the following statements in his letter:

“The duty undertaken by our education army from past to present in order for Turkey to come to this day is to sing our endless song, in other words, your endless song of the heroes you are very familiar with who ‘educated three children on a teacher’s salary.’ It is the spiritual consciousness of your efforts that cannot be paid for, your efforts that cannot be matched with any material reward, in order to know that we owe its construction to you more than anyone else.

Considering that Turkey’s political, economic and technological independence is a prerequisite for having a say in today’s world, I know very well that you, my esteemed colleagues, see each of our children, who are a building block for this ideal, as a Turkey. This is Turkey, the value it attaches to knowledge and wisdom, while transforming Anatolian culture into historically great states, it has succeeded in transferring the consciousness of founding civilization to the next generations by acquiring value and resources from many great sages, whose names we cannot count, such as Yunus Emre, Hacı Bektaş-ı Veli and Edebali, with the virtue of the teacher.

“This process, which combines our ancient history with the 100th anniversary of our Republic founded by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, will build these characteristics in the Turkish Century, while placing our world of knowledge, morality and values ​​on a stronger foundation by transferring it to our children, who are the guarantee of our future, thanks to you, our teachers.”

Minister Tekin wished all teachers to have a fruitful, successful and healthy new academic year.

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