LGS candidates will be provided with ‘preference counseling’ in 81 provinces

According to the information he received from the Ministry of National Education officials, 20,608 guidance teachers/psychological counselors will work in the preference counseling units opened in 81 provinces and districts for students and parents during the High School Transition System (LGS) selection process, which will last until 19 July.

Students will be able to receive high school preference counseling service by applying to their secondary schools, provincial and district guidance research centers and public education centers.

19 thousand 162 units in secondary schools and 1446 units in public education and guidance research centers were established to provide preference counseling services.

In the provinces affected by the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, preference consultancy units were also established. In this context, preference counseling units were opened for students in these provinces, 3 thousand 749 of them in secondary schools and 252 of them in public education and guidance research centers.

Guidance teachers and psychological counselors work in the preference counseling units.

Preference counseling service will also be offered online, remotely, to those who cannot benefit from face-to-face services due to health problems during the preference counseling process, especially students who are transferred to the provinces affected by the earthquake or to other provinces.

Counselors will guide students in their choices

During the preference counseling, students will be guided in the transition process to a higher education institution in line with their interests, values ​​and abilities.

The conditions of the high schools to be preferred for students with special conditions will be explained in detail. Considering that students and parents may have different wishes and expectations from each other, this situation will be evaluated from a holistic perspective. Guidance of students and parents within this framework will be provided by guidance teachers and psychological counselors.

During the LGS placement process, two different preference robots, which are prepared to make the preference lists electronically, will be updated according to the results of the transfer based on the first and second placement, and will be open to access until the process is over.

Central and local placement will be made

After the announcement of the LGS central exam results, the preference applications, which were started yesterday, will be made until 19 July. Candidates will choose in three groups: “Schools accepting students with central exam scores”, “Schools accepting students with local placement” and “Hospitality Schools”.

This year, students will be admitted to 2,492 high schools across Turkey based on their central exam score. 206 thousand 414 students will be placed in schools that accept students through the exam. 71 thousand 22 quotas were allocated to Anatolian high schools, 40 thousand 470 quotas for science high schools, 10 thousand 740 quotas for social sciences high schools, 42 thousand 356 quotas for Anatolian imam hatip high schools, 41 thousand 826 quotas for vocational and technical Anatolian high schools.

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