LGS preference process has started: Last day is 19 July

After the announcement of the LGS central exam results by the Ministry of National Education (MEB), preference applications will be made until 19 July. Candidates will choose in three groups: “Schools accepting students with central exam scores”, “Schools accepting students with local placement” and “Hospitality Schools”.

This year, students will be admitted to 2,492 high schools across Turkey based on their central exam score. A total of 206,414 students will be placed in schools that accept students through the exam. 71 thousand 22 quotas were allocated to Anatolian high schools, 40 thousand 470 quotas for science high schools, 10 thousand 740 quotas for social sciences high schools, 42 thousand 356 quotas for Anatolian imam hatip high schools, 41 thousand 826 quotas for vocational and technical Anatolian high schools.

Within the scope of the state of emergency, due to the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes that occurred on February 6, 2023, in Adıyaman, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş, Malatya and Gaziantep’s Nurdağı and İslahiye districts in the 2022-2023 academic year, “positive discrimination” was applied in the placement of 8th grade students in high schools on 5 February 2023. ” will be implemented.

Students in these provinces will be able to choose the schools that accept students with local placement, according to the existing secondary education enrollment areas in the provinces where they have completed the first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year.

If the students who preferred the schools that accept students with local placement during the preference periods but could not be placed in any school apply to the student placement and transfer commissions of the province or district where they are located, the placement procedures will be completed by considering the balance of the school and branch, regardless of the quota in the schools that accept students with local placement.

For students who have chosen to place students in schools that accept students by central examination during the preference period, an additional quota of 2 for every 30 quota will be given.

Placement procedures for additional quotas will be made according to the priority of points and preference within the framework of central placement principles. Additional quota will not be used in transfers based on placement and in all subsequent transfers.

Choice robots will support students

During the LGS placement process, two different preference robots, which are prepared to make the preference lists electronically, will be updated according to the results of the transfer based on the first and second placement, and will be open to access until the process is over.

Results will be announced on July 24.

The registration procedures of private secondary education institutions and the procedures and registrations of schools that accept students with aptitude test will continue until 19 July.

Students who complete the registration process in private education institutions will not open the preference screen. Students will be able to choose if they cancel their registration within the preference period.

Placement results and vacant quotas will be announced on “meb.gov.tr” on July 24.

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