MEB established a hotline against “under the stairs” courses

Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin stated that they have learned that those studying in open high schools attend unsupervised courses under the stairs, and that these courses are a sector managed by those who have been dismissed from both public and private schools, especially within the scope of FETO.

Minister Tekin stated that they are in consultation with the Ministry of Interior regarding the unauthorized courses for the new term and warned parents not to send their children to these courses.

The studies of the Ministry of National Education regarding the courses that are called “under the stairs” and operate without a license from the Ministry are carried out extensively.

A list of private courses operating under the Ministry of National Education has been published a while ago at the address “” so that students and parents do not experience any grievances.

Then, in the letter sent to the governorships, it was stated that they should include the “matrix code” application on the signboards of the institutions in accordance with the Regulation on Private Education Institutions.

In this context, the Ministry made identification of data matrix in all private education institutions, and it was possible for parents to read these codes and easily see whether these institutions are allowed or not.

Within the QR code application, there is information about the name of the private education institution, institution code, type, opening date, address, address code, who the founder is, the quota of the building, the type and quota of the program applied, and the fees.

In the letter of the Ministry, regarding the data matrix application, “The application is important in terms of expressing that private education institutions are places operating under our Ministry and that those who want to receive services from these institutions can get information about the institution.” expressions were used.

18 September last warning date

The Ministry of National Education will give time to private education institutions until Monday, September 18, for signs that do not have a data matrix at the entrance of the institution to the governorships. Necessary actions will be taken against private education institutions that do not fulfill their obligations until this date.

In addition to the measures, the Ministry has implemented a new application regarding under-stair structures.

In the new letter dated September 1, which was sent by the Ministry to the provinces, it was underlined that all kinds of education and training activities in Turkey are subject to the permission and supervision of the Ministry.

It has been announced that the link “Notification of Unauthorized Education Activity” has been created on the website of the General Directorate of Private Education Institutions in order to benefit from the technological opportunities in determining the importance of the subject and the places carrying out unauthorized activities.

Unauthorized education activity notifications can be made to the “” address of the General Directorate of Private Education Institutions.

On the other hand, the monitoring and coordination commissions formed by the governorships will evaluate these reports and start the investigation and investigation processes immediately.

The processes regarding the notifications will be notified to the Ministry by the relevant governorships. These places will be closed as per the law and those who operate these places will be fined 20 times the gross minimum wage as per the law.

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