MEB has prepared family education programs to support gifted students.

According to the statement made by the Ministry, the programs developed for the families of gifted students attending science and art centers are the first activity-based holistic program prepared in Turkey to support the social, emotional, academic and career development of students.

The Family Education Programs Set consists of 3 books. The programs were created by experts in the field under the titles of “Future Design”, “Supporting Social Emotional Development” and “Supporting Academic Development”.

The Future Design Family Education Program, prepared in line with the developmental guidance approach, covers different topics such as getting to know the child, supporting future design, 21st century skills, exploring career options, evaluating career options, and factors that support career decisions.

Supporting Academic Development Family Education Program was designed on the basis that academic development is a process. The program was designed to help students develop academic understanding and sense of responsibility, and to increase their educational planning skills.

The Family Education Program for Supporting Social Emotional Development, on the other hand, was created to include processes for families to support their children in subjects such as social emotional characteristics, self-awareness, self-management/management of emotions, social awareness, communication, cooperation/reconciliation skills, social skills and responsible decision-making.

In the programs designed with a flexible structure in line with the developmental needs of the students, care was taken to ensure that the content was compatible with the cultural structure and the basic values ​​of the society.

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