No fee will be charged for Pre-School Education

The “Regulation Amending the Regulation on Pre-School Education and Primary Education Institutions” prepared by the Ministry of National Education was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Accordingly, the situation of the child who is absent from pre-school education institutions for 5 days without any excuse will be notified to the parents via e-mail or text message. The parent of the child who does not attend school for 10 days will be warned with a letter sent by the school directorate.

Pre-primary education service will continue to be free in official pre-school education institutions. In addition, the fees charged for the materials related to nutrition, cleaning services and the implementation of the education program in preschool education institutions will no longer be collected.

Teachers and staff will benefit from free food service.

Teachers and auxiliary staff, who have to accompany children during feeding hours, will benefit from the school meal service free of charge. Other employees of the school will also be able to benefit from the meal service, provided that they deposit the daily meal fee to the relevant account weekly or monthly in advance.

It has become obligatory for every accounting record to be based on a substantiating (proving) document, to be shown in the accounting records of every transaction that has financial consequences, and to be registered in the central information system (TEFBIS) established by the Ministry in school-parent union business and transactions in pre-school education institutions.

According to the temporary article added with the amendment of the regulation, as of July 1, 2023, the balance in the pre-school subscription accounts opened in one of the public banks for the monthly fee collected by the school administration will be transferred to the school-parent union account.

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