“No matter how many arrangements we make, if it is not internalized by the teachers, it is not likely to be successful”

Tekin met with school administrators and teachers at the “Meeting with Education Administrators and Teachers” held at Ardeşen Municipality Social Facilities.

It was learned that in the meeting, which was closed to the press, teachers and education administrators conveyed their views and suggestions to Minister Tekin.

In the statement made by the Ministry of National Education after the meeting, the views of Minister Yusuf Tekin were included.

Tekin emphasized that they met with teachers and school administrators during their visit to schools in provinces and districts, and that the ideas that emerged in these meetings contributed to the issues waiting for solution.

“I hope we will solve it with a common consciousness”

Tekin underlined that they will continue their visits to the provinces in order to see the needs of the schools and the issues needed by the field and to solve them. “We will discuss with our teachers and school administrators one-on-one. used the phrases.

Tekin stated that they acted with the strategy of doing every job with consultation, “We think that this is a necessity of being both humane and moral. Therefore, when we detect a problem, we talk to the field about it and solve it.” made its assessment.

“We will create a much healthier environment with consultations”

Pointing out that the main element of education is teachers, Tekin continued as follows:

“Our teacher friends have problems that we can solve with the little touches they encounter. In addition, we work together with all our friends by putting on our agenda the issues that need to be resolved, especially the improvement of the education and training processes, until the functioning of the school-parent unions. Hopefully, we will create a much healthier environment through consultations.”

“Together we will build the Century of Türkiye”

Emphasizing that they are making great efforts to improve education and training processes, Tekin said:

“Our President has set a goal for all of us in the next century. He said, ‘Together we will build the Turkish Century.’ When the concept of building is mentioned, education has its place. We will make an effort. No matter how much theoretical arrangements we make as the Ministry of National Education, if these are not internalized by our teachers, they are not likely to be successful.”

Tekin, administrators and teachers, “Come, let’s build a step that our children, grandchildren and future generations will remember us on this path that our President has drawn for us.” he concluded his speech.

Deputy Governor Gülhani Ozan Sarı, AK Party Rize Deputy Muhammet Avcı, Deputy Minister of National Education Kemal Şamlıoğlu, Personnel General Manager Bülent Çiftçi and Support Services General Manager Ömür Karakullukçu also attended the meeting.

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