ÖSYM President Ersoy hosted the youngest and oldest candidates of YKS

Ersoy congratulated the candidates at the meeting held at ÖSYM.

Sümeyye Gümüş, the youngest candidate of YKS, who took the exam at Şırnak Cizre Ahmet El Cezeri Secondary School, explained that she started school a year ago.

Stating that his exam went well, that he wanted to study at Ankara University and that he was impressed by what he saw at the Cezeri Museum in Cizre, Gümüş said, “I want to follow Al Jazeri’s path. My aim is to become a software engineer.”

Upon these statements of Sümeyye, ÖSYM President Ersoy stated that the inventor of the technology currently in production is Al-Jazari, and that the inventor has developed more than 50 technologies:

“The basis of the robotic studies carried out in this period is also in Al-Jazari. I hope Sümeyye will surpass Al-Jazari, the scientist she took as an example, and will show what can be done in Turkey. Cizre, in a way, hosts the works of Al-Jazari. “A new Cezeri will be born. We have shown what the Turks can actually do with new studies with UAVs and SİHAs. After that, there is a good goal thanks to you and our youth. We have achieved this in history, I hope we will achieve it again thanks to our new Sümeyyes from Cizre and our new Jazeris.”

The aim of ÖSYM is to conduct an on-site exam.

Stating that they held exams in 81 provinces in Turkey and 239 exam centers in the TRNC, and that this number dropped to 228 due to the earthquake, Ersoy said, “We conduct exams all over Turkey. The most important fundamental value of ÖSYM is candidate orientation. That is, where the candidate is located. Another is to conduct an on-site examination for people with disabilities and special conditions. This is actually the most important indicator that ÖSYM went to the island, the state’s greatness, it always protected its candidates, kept them away from all kinds of difficulties, and held an on-site examination. ‘ he said.

“Science has no age”

Stating that Müfit Öner is the oldest candidate to enter the YKS, Ersoy said, “Science has no age. Age has advanced, but the spirit has become younger. Mashallah. Science from the cradle to the grave. We were really touched. The application of our 89-year-old candidate is an indication of how important science is. Especially This should set an example for young people and people who have the will to read,” he said.

Stating that he was a lecturer in the mathematics department at the university, Ersoy said, “We had students in their 60s. Actually, I would be very happy if someone like you were in my class.”

“I wanted to experience the exam itself”

Öner, father of two, who attended YKS at Ankara Keçiören Aktepe Şehit Köksal Kaşaltı Anatolian High School, said that he resides in Ankara, is a research writer, and is an honorary member of the Turkish Cypriot Cultural Association.

Pointing out that he studied at Frankfurt University after graduating from Pertevniyal High School, Öner stated that he won ITU in 19th place with the exam held by the university himself.

He expressed the following about the reasons for taking the university entrance exam for the first time in Turkey this year:

“Science, science from the cradle to the grave… I wanted to experience the exam itself. I thought, what are the young people going through in the exam, what are their problems, I wonder if I can do something. My first goal was about our young people. My second goal was that my sleep pattern was disturbed during the Kovid-19 process and my activities I said, ‘What will happen if I don’t win? As long as God gives health, I will continue to university, from the cradle to the grave.I do not stay in my apartment, I teach foreign languages ​​to children.

If I mingle with young people, it will be a gain for me. The exam did not go well, I got in with two hours of sleep. If I win this time, I want to study history and literature, because I am a writer. I am one of the 60 young people who transferred Atatürk from Ethnography to Anıtkabir and brought soil to Anıtkabir. Since then, I have taught myself about our National Anthem, our War of Independence, and Atatürk.”

“I grew younger among the young”

Öner stated that he does not use alcohol or cigarettes regarding his health status and said, “This perfect body is the grace of Almighty Allah. I get up early in the morning, I work, I do not sleep much, I do not eat too much, I do cultural physical exercises for 15-20 minutes every morning.”

Expressing that he wanted to present his articles to the President of ÖSYM, Öner said, “I became younger among the youth. I am one of the young people who will protect the Republic entrusted by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, a little older. I continue my duties in other non-governmental organizations.”

Öner stated that he has published a book abroad with the name “Our Flag, Our Flag, Our National Struggle and Our National Anthem”, and that a 14-part book with the title “The Name of Liberation from Oppression is Turks” will be published soon.

Our final destination is July 20

Following these words of Öner, who stated that they wanted the exam results of the young people to be announced early, ÖSYM President Ersoy said that 3.5 million candidates’ booklets were opened during this period, the minutes were read and the results were evaluated from 3 different reviews. Underlining that they do not want to make a mistake regarding a single candidate, Ersoy said, “The final target for us is July 20, and it can be announced before that. Therefore, we set July 20 as the date in order not to make any mistakes in any of our candidates.”

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