ÖSYM President Ersoy: We will spread the e-exam across Turkey

Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) 2023 Electronic Foreign Language Exam (e-YDS 2023/10 English) was held in e-Exam application centers in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Adana.

In e-YDS, to which 5 thousand 82 candidates applied, candidates were given 180 minutes to answer 80 questions.

When the candidates arrived at the fully secure e-Exam centers, they were taken to the waiting room after their entry documents and identity checks.

Then, the candidates underwent facial recognition verification and passed through x-ray machines. Candidates, who were also body-searched, took the exam in private cabins with their ID numbers and facial recognition verification.

In the halls, which are monitored instantaneously with a 360-degree camera system, the signal interrupter was activated with the start of the exam.

Exam capacity will be increased to 10 thousand candidates

Examining the Ankara Esenboğa ÖSYM Electronic Exam Center, ÖSYM President Prof. Dr. In his statement, Bayram Ali Ersoy said that 5 thousand candidates in Ankara, 500 in Istanbul, 350 in Adana and 130 in Izmir were able to take the exam in the centers.

Stating that they want to spread these centers to all regions of Turkey, Ersoy stated that they are primarily planning to create an exam capacity of 10 thousand candidates.

Explaining that they aim to popularize the application of electronic exams with the paradigm changes to be made, Ersoy stated that they want to move the exams “below a certain number” to the electronic environment by making the necessary agreements with the relevant institutions.

Pointing out that candidates will have the opportunity to learn their exam results in electronic media at the end of the same day, Ersoy said, “Therefore, the exam processes will be very healthy and fast in this sense, and institutions that want to benefit from these exam processes will be able to quickly evaluate the results of the relevant candidates.” he said.

“We will spread this e-exam throughout Turkey”

Stating that they held today’s exam with the support of 348 examiners across Turkey, Ersoy said, “So far, 45 thousand candidates have taken these exams, except today. Today, we are holding our 10th e-YDS exam, in English. Previously, 3 YÖKDİL exams were held on the same day, “In the field of health, social sciences and science. There are 2 more e-YDS left for the rest of the year. Therefore, we have held 15 electronic exams in total, 12 e-YDS and 3 e-YÖKDİL.” he said.

Stating that they are working on a new exam that they will try in November and December, Ersoy said, “There is no exam center of this size in terms of e-exam in Turkey. This is an area where 5 thousand candidates take the exam at the same time. We offer this e-exam to the whole of Turkey.” “We will spread the exam. We have a good goal for ÖSYM to change the exam format in this digital age and switch from print-based exams to computer-based exams.” said.

Ersoy added that studies are continuing in cities where exam centers are needed.

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