“Our children will hand over their mobile phones before we go to class”

Minister of National Education Tekin was the guest of AA Editorial Desk.

Here are the highlights of Minister Tekin’s statements:

“5 thousand 624 new classrooms are starting education. We have retrofitted 7 thousand 530 classrooms outside the earthquake zone and repaired 66 thousand classrooms. We have overhauled 79 thousand classrooms in total.

In our consultations with private schools, we were assured that they would not increase the service and meal fees that would disturb the public.

“Obesity is one of the important problems of the period”

We sent a circular last week. In our circular, we put obesity on our agenda. This is one of the important problems of the coming period. We are working to ensure that physical activity can be done before class until primary, secondary and high school.

I care about turning the idle school gardens back into a playground where children can play. In order for our asocial children to socialize, we are establishing playgrounds in school gardens in the new period.

“Necessary measures have been taken regarding the mobile phones of our children”

School principals have taken the necessary precautions regarding the mobile phones of our children. Our children will hand over their mobile phones before we enter the class. Likewise, I asked my fellow teachers not to be mean to children by spending time on their cell phones in the classroom. The children recorded their own or their teacher’s audio and video footage and shared them on social media. We don’t want that to happen either.

There is no registration fee or donation requirement in schools. We warn those who force parents on this issue, both legally and verbally.

We insist on school attendance and grade retention. We think that this is one of the problems that hinder the education process. Our regulation is in the publication process.

“We will announce our teacher recruitment calendar at the end of October”

We have identified all private education courses with a QR code, our parents can easily see whether they are allowed or not by scanning these codes.

At the end of October, we are planning to announce our teacher recruitment calendar on a branch basis and to include new friends in our family as the spring academic year begins.”

Details are coming…

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