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General Ability-General Culture-Educational Sciences sessions are held today within the framework of the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS).

Group A and Teaching General Ability-General Culture session started at 10:15, while the entrance doors were closed by the staff at 10:00.

[Fotoğraf: DHA]

While the candidates were coming to the school where they were going to take the exam with the exam entrance document, the candidates were called and taken to the hall. Candidates’ families also started to wait excitedly around the school.

Photo: UAV[Fotoğraf: İHA]

Those who came to the buildings where the exam was held in the early hours formed long queues in front of the buildings. When it was close to 10:00, the officials said that there was a short time left for the exam and warned the candidates to enter.

Photo: DHA[Fotoğraf: DHA]

Minutes before the door closed, the candidates who wanted to catch the exam came running to the buildings. When the clocks showed 10:00, the doors were closed.

missed the exam by 1 minute

A person who was going to take the exam at Kayseri Refika Küçükçalık Secondary School was not allowed inside one minute after the doors were closed. The candidate, who spoke with the officials in order to get in for a while, left the school when he was not accepted.

Photo: UAV[Fotoğraf: İHA]

The same view in Sivas

At Sivas Cumhuriyet University (SCU), those who were 1 minute late after the doors were closed were not allowed in. One of the candidates, who said that he was waiting at a different door of the Faculty of Letters building, was not allowed inside, although he insisted on the teams for a long time.

Photo: DHA[Fotoğraf: DHA]


Candidates who took the Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS) in Diyarbakir made their way to the schools. The candidates were taken inside after a detailed body search and identity check. As of 10:00, the doors of the schools were closed. Some candidates, on the other hand, caught the exam at the last minute, out of breath.

Photo: UAV[Fotoğraf: İHA]

With the coming of the exam time, many candidates who wanted to be civil servants began to sweat in the exam halls.


On the Antalya Akdeniz University campus, some of the candidates who were running to catch the exam, where the doors closed at 10:00, were returning from the door because they forgot their identity cards, while some of them entered inside seconds before.

Photo: UAV[Fotoğraf: İHA]


A young man, whose name could not be learned, who left his house to take the exam in Gaziantep, suddenly panicked, thinking that he was late. Seeing the situation of the person who excitedly asked the neighborhood shopkeeper for the address of the school he was going to enter KPSS, the shopkeeper from Gaziantep trained the civil servant candidate to Gaziantep Hasan Ali Yücel Anatolian High School, where he would enter 30 seconds before the start of the exam.

Photo: UAV[Fotoğraf: İHA]


Thousands of civil servant candidates, who took the exam in Eskişehir, made their way to the exam halls. Candidates who were late for the exam came running to the buildings where the exam halls are located.

Photo: UAV[Fotoğraf: İHA]

Many candidates entered the building at the last minute in the running race, which does not look like marathons.

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