Penalty warning from Ministry of National Education to “unlicensed” educational institutions

In the letter sent to the provinces with the signature of the Minister of National Education Yusuf Tekin, it was emphasized that, with the relevant legal regulations, education and training activities in Turkey are carried out under the supervision and control of the state, and the educational activities of any official, private or voluntary organization are subject to the supervision of the Ministry.

In the article, it was stated that although all kinds of education and training activities are subject to the permission and supervision of the Ministry of National Education, the information that some workplaces carry out educational activities without obtaining the necessary permissions reached the Ministry.

Administrative fine of 20 times the gross minimum wage

In the article reminding that there is a provision in the relevant law that “those who establish or operate places that do not have an appropriate permission to open an institution and a work permit, an administrative fine of 20 times the gross minimum wage will be imposed” and that “these places will be closed by the governorships”. under the responsibility of the ministry under the names such as career guidance, educational coaching, coaching center, homework home/center, test house, educational guidance, student apartment, language speech disorders center, speech therapy, stuttering treatment, study center, math club It was stated that if it is determined that these activities are carried out, administrative fines will be imposed on those who establish or operate these places in accordance with the relevant legal regulation, and they will not be allowed to carry out these activities in any way.

In this context, it was stated that the monitoring and coordination commissions, which were formed with the participation of officials from the national education directorate, the relevant mayor’s office, the treasurer’s office, the SGK provincial directorate, the special provincial administration, the police department and other institutions deemed appropriate by the civil administration, will continue to work.

Legal action will also be taken for illegal activity.

In the letter of the Ministry, it was warned by the same authorized administrations and national education directorates that if it is determined that educational or student accommodation activities are carried out in violation of the license granted, legal action will be taken immediately, these places will be closed and their licenses will be cancelled.

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