Petroleum and natural gas themed vocational high school is established

A ceremony regarding the Vocational and Technical Education Cooperation Protocol was held at the Filyos Sakarya Gas Field Land Facility with the participation of Sadri Şensoy, Deputy Minister of National Education, and Melih Han Bilgin, Chairman and General Manager of TPAO.

Speaking at the ceremony, Şensoy said that there have been dizzying developments in the defense industry and high-tech fields in the country in recent years, and that the commissioning of Black Sea gas makes them happy and proud.

Şensoy stated that they have been working hard to train qualified personnel in the fields of developments in the country in recent years, and said:

“The school we will establish here will be a first in Turkey. As the Ministry of National Education, we will transfer all the knowledge we have gained so far here. We will also transfer all our facilities in terms of administrators, teachers and technical infrastructure. Turkish Petroleum Corporation Therefore, we thank you very much, this is very valuable for us. We will provide all the equipment in it in the best way with the latest technology. Our school to be established in this region will be a school with 16 classrooms on an area of ​​​​approximately 7 thousand 600 square meters and a school for 200 people. “We will have a hostel for 100 girls and 100 boys. We will implement this school as a project school. We will take students here with an exam. We will take students within the scope of the central exam within the scope of the Transition System to High Schools. There will be a preparatory program for one year and the education will last for 5 years.”

Expressing that they believe that academically successful students from all over Turkey will prefer this school, Şensoy said, “The fact that TPAO established this school from here, and that his name is mentioned will be a reason for our children to choose this school. TPAO has been particularly concerned with Turkey’s energy problem recently. “The Black Sea gas is an indicator of this. Yesterday, our President shared it. We are also happy to find 100 thousand barrels of oil per day in Gabar. It turned out how important such schools are.” he said.

“Every investment in youth is the first duty”

TPAO Chairman and General Manager Bilgin stated that every investment made in youth is their first duty and said, “In this context, especially after the discovery we made in the Sakarya Gas Field, studies in Filyos continue increasingly in our region. In this context, starting from vocational high schools, starting from high school level and continuing from vocational school to undergraduate level. We have developed programs in a range ranging from MA to graduate and doctorate levels, with the coordination of both our Ministry of National Education and our Higher Education Council.” used the phrases.

Reminding that they commissioned one of the most successful vocational schools in Turkey thanks to the program they developed with Zonguldak Bülent Ecevit University before, Bilgin said, “The education here is in English because we are here to train technicians to compete with the world. In addition, we also provide scholarships to our students at the undergraduate level to help them get longer in their last year. We continue to work to ensure that they do their internships for one semester and that they can start their careers as soon as possible.” he said.

Explaining that they make the most successful students at the undergraduate, graduate and doctorate levels in Turkey, Bilgin said, “The most important thing for us is the education process that starts from the core. High schools, vocational high schools, vocational and technical education high schools. Young people are our future, we will continue to invest in our future. ” said.

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