‘Preference counseling’ service continues for LGS candidates

High school candidates who come to the “preference counseling” unit established for high school candidates at the Chamber of Commerce Secondary School in Mamak district of Ankara, meet with the guidance teachers about the choices they will make for the schools they want.

Serap Sarı, the psychological counselor and guidance teacher working at the school, said that they gave the necessary information to the students and introduced the schools, and provided consultancy on the LGS central exam score and local placement.

Explaining that they are trying to ensure that students make their choices more consciously and in a more programmed way, Sarı said, “Especially by trying to reconcile the wishes of the families with the wishes of the children, we ensure their preferences in that way.” said.

Stating that this year, the preference period was spread over three weeks, the density did not occur, and stated that they were trying to make the right settlement by carrying out meticulous studies.

Stating that it takes 20 minutes on average to meet with each student, Sarı said, “We do not make the placement immediately when they first arrive. In the following weeks, if the preferences of the students change, we make a correction again. According to him, definite preference lists are formed later on.”

Yusuf Aydoğan, one of the high school candidates who came to the preference counseling unit, stated that he had determined 3-4 vocational high schools and that he would finalize his preferences with the guidance of the guidance teachers.

Students affected by the earthquake will be able to receive remote online service

In the provinces affected by the earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, preference consultancy units were also established. In this context, preference counseling units were opened for students in these provinces, 3 thousand 749 of them in secondary schools and 252 of them in public education and guidance research centers.

Preference counseling service will also be offered online, remotely, to those who cannot benefit from face-to-face services due to health problems during the preference counseling process, especially students who are transferred to the provinces affected by the earthquake or to other provinces.

In LGS, during the selection process until 19 July, guidance counselors and psychological counselors work in units opened in 81 provinces and districts for students and parents.

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