Recommendations for students who will enter LGS from MEB

The Ministry of National Education (MEB) has prepared a brochure in which expert guidance teachers and psychological counselors make various suggestions so that students who will enter LGS on Sunday, June 4, can manage the process effectively and cope with exam anxiety.

The brochure prepared by the Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Special Education and Guidance Services for students who will take the central exam contains information on what students should pay attention to before and during the exam.

“You should stay away from situations and people that will upset your morale”

Pointing out that students can spend time with their families and friends before the exam, the brochure includes the following recommendations:

“You should keep your motivation high and stay away from situations and people that will upset you. You should motivate yourself to do your best in the exam. You should be careful to spend the day before the exam as a normal day without strenuous activities. You should be able to plan the transportation time and route on the exam day to the school where you will take the exam. “You should go and see it on the spot without leaving it until the last day. You should pay attention to your sleep pattern and take care to sleep enough. You should neither sleep late nor early. You can do relaxation and breathing exercises before going to sleep.”

“The diet should not be disturbed before the exam”

Emphasizing the need to eat healthy and in moderation without disturbing the diet before the exam, the brochure included the following statements:

“You should have a well-balanced breakfast and avoid consuming unfamiliar foods. You should wear comfortable clothes suitable for the weather conditions. You should set out before being late for the exam. You should make sure that you do not have any items that should not be brought to the exam, such as mobile phones, jewellery. You should not forget to prepare in advance. Students with special education needs will be able to use the tools, equipment and devices they constantly use in the exam, provided that they bring their own.”

In the brochure pointing out that exam stress is normal, it was stated that students can reduce this stress with the preparations to be made before the exam and the strategies to be applied during the exam.

“Make sure to stay calm during the exam”

In the brochure, it was stated that during the exam, students should spend the necessary time to understand the questions and that they can have a successful exam process by thinking about the answers.

“Be careful to stay calm and read the questions during the exam. Also, try to answer all the questions by using your time efficiently during the exam. Finally, remember that the exam criteria are only an assessment measure and may not reflect the real you. No matter what happens after the exam, I will be proud of you. “Believe in yourself and show your best performance in the exam. We have full faith that you will achieve your dreams. Remember, we are always by your side and we are proud of you.”

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