Record increase in YKS applications – Breaking News

Dean of Students Serhat Butur, who advises prospective students, “There is a noticeable increase in the number of YKS applications for 2023 compared to last year. The record increase in applications will also increase competition” used his words.

Stating that there is a noticeable increase in the number of 2023 YKS applications compared to the previous year, Dean of Students Serhat Butur said that the record increase in applications will increase the competition and advised the candidate students.

Emphasizing the importance of resting before the exam, Butur said, “Avoid hard work the day before and take time for yourself. Maintain your sleep pattern and get enough sleep to keep you fresh on exam day. Do calming activities to avoid stress” said.

“Refresh your knowledge”

Istanbul Beykent University Dean of Students, Serhat Butur, said that it would be beneficial to quickly review the topics with a number of days before the exam. “Instead of repeating all the topics before the exam, focus on the topics you have studied before and have a good command of and refresh your knowledge” he said.

Butur continued his speech as follows:

“It is important to motivate yourself before the exam. Consider your goals and strengthen your belief in success. Motivate yourself with positive thoughts and be confident in performing your best in the exam. Revisit the questions that have been asked before in YKS. This will remind you of the exam format and It will give you familiarity with the types of questions you may encounter in the exam. It can help you give faster and more accurate answers in solving questions. You can use mental and physical relaxation techniques to keep your excitement under control on the exam day. Deep breathing, meditation, light exercise or going for a walk can help you calm down. “

“Plan your transportation”

“Make all your preparations for the exam day in advance” said Butur, “Prepare your exam entrance document, ID card, pens and other requirements. Check the location of the exam center in advance and plan your transportation. In this way, you can minimize the stress on the exam day. Cell phone, computer, tablet, radio, camera, etc. communication while entering the exam center, Note that storage, recording and data transfer devices are not allowed” used his words.

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