Records of parents and visitors coming to schools will be kept.

The Ministry of National Education (MEB) sent a letter to the provinces regarding school security measures, within the scope of preparations for the new academic year that will start tomorrow.

In the article, the relevant circulars, protocols regarding the measures to be taken in schools and the issues included in the cooperation protocol organized within the scope of the “Education and Security Project” managed by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Internal Affairs were reminded.

In this context, within the scope of the “Cooperation Protocol Implementation Guide for Increasing Protective and Preventive Services and Measures Regarding the Safety of Children’s Education Processes”, the provincial executive board meeting minutes will be submitted to the ministry by the end of working hours on September 27 at the latest.

Measures taken around the school

In addition, some security measures will be taken in schools and institutions at the beginning of the 2023-2024 academic year. Traffic around the school will be controlled in coordination with law enforcement officers during school entrance and exit hours.

In addition, records will be kept of parents and visitors who come to the school in accordance with the meeting plans, and necessary checks will be carried out, limited to the specified periods.

Cooperation will be made with the necessary institutions to take precautions regarding the sale of harmful substances that may pose a danger to students, hazardous areas and abandoned buildings around the school.

All kinds of games, sports equipment and equipment in school gardens and playgrounds will be checked and necessary precautions will be taken to ensure that they do not pose a danger.

Protective and preventive measures will be taken on cyber security, teachers and students will be informed about the subject.

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