Technical teachers are required to score at least 75 points for the completion program.

The Regulation on Amending the Regulation on the Implementation Principles and Procedures of Engineering Programs to be Organized for Technical Teachers, prepared by the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education, came into force by being published in today’s issue of the Official Gazette.

With the regulation, a regulation was made regarding the conditions for participation in the completion programs of technical teachers.

Accordingly, in order to enter the completion program, candidates will need to get at least 75 points from the ALES numerical score type.

Candidates with at least 75 points will be eligible to enter the program as many as the quota, starting with the candidate with the highest score.

In addition, with the temporary article added to the regulation, candidates who were placed in a completion program or graduated before the publication date of this article will not be able to re-apply.

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