Textbooks of earthquake victims will be ready on their desks.

In his written statement, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer stated that in line with the approach of “continue education under all conditions”, they have created educational environments in prefabricated classrooms, tents and hospitals in line with the needs of children at all levels in the earthquake zone.

Ozer said:

“So far, we have delivered 200 thousand stationery sets to our children in the provinces affected by the earthquake. First of all, we have reprinted 11.5 million textbooks and auxiliary resources for our children who are preparing for the exam. “When schools open in other provinces as well, each of our children will have books on their desk. We will have delivered 26 million textbooks and auxiliary resources in total to our children.”

Minister Özer expressed his gratitude to the ministry staff and teachers who work day and night for the needs of children.

Education continues in Diyarbakır, Kilis and Şanlıurfa with 1476 points

On the other hand, education continues at 1476 points, including container classrooms, hospital classrooms, and prefabricated schools in 10 provinces affected by the earthquake, and schools in Diyarbakır, Kilis and Şanlıurfa.

In this process, the stationery sets and books needed by the students continue to be delivered to the region by the Ministry of National Education.

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