The Ministry of Industry and Technology has prepared a guide for university preferences.

Industry and Technology Minister Mehmet Fatih Kacır, in his written statement, emphasized that the hope of a bright future is the youth.

Noting that students sometimes get tired but never give up and they have completed an intense process, Kacır said, “The university choice period, which is one of the critical turning points on the road to your dream future, has come. I understand your concerns, hesitations and indecisions in the process you are in. ‘How can I make the right choice?’ We aim to support you in these days when you are looking for an answer to your question.” made its assessment.

Kacır stated that they made information about the activities carried out by the Ministry in this direction and data that could shed light on their preferences available to the students on the page they prepared.

“I doubt you will make the right decision for your future”

Kacır, who asks young people not to make a decision based only on preference guides, base scores and rankings, and to visit the universities and departments they think they would prefer, said:

“Try to contact people who have been educated in the department you dream of graduating from. Do not neglect to see research centers and institutes, technoparks, R&D and design centers. Be sure to take into account that the data we share here belongs to the past period and that newly established universities can achieve similar successes in the future. As young people who believe in the goal of the ‘Century of Turkey’ and stand up for the ‘National Technology Move’ ideals, we have no doubt that the world will lead the change in the name of your future. “Whatever you decide, I want you to be sure that we will continue to stand by you, our youth, who are the most important element of our National Technology Move. I greet you with love and affection, with the belief that you will carry our country to a prosperous and fully independent future. May your path be clear and your successes always.”

Important information can be accessed up to doctoral students.

Kacır gave details about the “Preference Guide” in his post on his Twitter account.

Accordingly, students can compare the field-based competency analysis of the universities they are considering, and access important information such as supported technology-based initiatives, R&D personnel and centers, design and R&D personnel in technoparks, as well as doctoral students trained in university-industry cooperation.

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