The youngest candidate applying to YKS is 15, the oldest candidate is 89 years old.

Head of Measurement Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) Prof. Dr. Bayram Ali Ersoy, in his written statement about 2023-YKS, stated that they have successfully completed the work of a large national exam organization.

Stating that 3 million 527 thousand 466 candidates applied to YKS, Ersoy emphasized that the YKS, which consists of three sessions, will be implemented in a total of 228 exam centers, including the TRNC Nicosia.

Ersoy shared the following information about the number of candidates who will attend the YKS sessions:

“The first session of YKS, which will be held at 10:15 on Saturday, 17 June, will be attended by 3 million 527 thousand 466 candidates. The exam will be held in 11 thousand 477 buildings and 202 thousand 356 halls. 465 thousand 18 people will take part in the TYT session. Sunday, 18 June 2 million 573 thousand 156 candidates will attend AYT, the second session to be held at 10:15. The exam will be held in 8 thousand 789 buildings and 150 thousand 140 halls. 345 thousand 898 people will take part in AYT.

In the third and last session, YDT, which will take place on the same day at 15.45, 316 thousand 572 people from English, 13 thousand 774 from Arabic, 4 thousand 705 from German, 1 thousand 745 from French and 1,218 from Russian will take the exam. will enter. The exam will be applied in one thousand 434 buildings and 16 thousand 811 halls. In the last session of the exam, 49 thousand 108 people will take part.

More than 561,000 candidates are enrolled in a higher education program.

Bayram Ali Ersoy noted that this year, YKS will be held for the first time in 22 exam centers.

Stating that the number of candidates who are studying in the last year of high school is 881 thousand 407, the number of candidates who are high school graduates but not placed in a higher education program is 1 million 438 thousand 755, Ersoy said, “The number of candidates who are placed in a higher education program but do not enroll is 50 thousand 41, candidates enrolled in a higher education program. The number of candidates who graduated from the higher education program was 561 thousand 707, the number of candidates who graduated from the higher education program was 514 thousand 87, and the number of candidates whose registration was deleted from higher education was 81 thousand 469.

Regarding the youngest and oldest candidates, ÖSYM President Ersoy said, “The youngest candidate applying to 2023-YKS is 15 years old, and the oldest candidate is 89 years old. Applications for the exam are concentrated between the ages of 18-22. There are 29,650 applications aged 50 and over.” conveyed the information.

Regarding the distribution of candidates applying to YKS according to school types, Ersoy said, “1 million 150 thousand 464 of the candidates are from Anatolian high schools, 756 thousand 485 from open high schools, 815 thousand 896 from vocational high schools, 376 thousand 602 from high schools, 265 thousand from high schools. 855 of them are imam hatip high schools, 94 thousand 806 of them are science high schools, 22 thousand 194 are technical high schools, 45 thousand 164 are other high schools.

“Doors will be closed 15 minutes before the exam”

ÖSYM President Ersoy made the following reminder about the 2023-YKS question distributions:

“In the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT), which will be administered on Saturday, June 17 at 10:15, the candidates will receive a total of 40 questions in the Turkish Test, 20 questions in the Social Sciences Test, 40 questions in the Basic Mathematics Test, and 20 questions in the Science Test. 120 questions will be asked and 165 minutes will be given. In the Field Proficiency Tests (AYT), which will be held on Sunday, June 18 at 10:15, 40 questions in the Turkish Language and Literature-Social Sciences-1 Test and 40 questions in the Social Sciences-2 Test. There will be 40 questions in the Mathematics Test, 40 questions in the Science Test and 180 minutes will be given. The doors will be closed 15 minutes before the exams, and the recruitment of candidates to the exam hall will be completed.

Over 13 thousand disabled candidates

ÖSYM President Ersoy, on his preparations for disabled candidates, said, “In 2023 YKS, disabled candidates were appointed in 1,115 buildings. A total of 13 thousand 513 disabled candidates will enter TYT in single and collective halls created according to disability groups in these buildings. 9 thousand 528 disabled candidates will enter AYT. 1,165 disabled candidates will participate in YDT,” he said.

Noting that a total of 10,103 readers and markers will work in 2023 YKS for disabled candidates, Ersoy stated that they have removed all obstacles that disabled candidates may encounter in the exam.

Transportation and accommodation support to earthquake survivor candidates

Pointing out that they visited the earthquake area at regular intervals, Ersoy explained that due to the high population mobility in the region, they arranged the number of examiners and the buildings within this scope.

Ersoy, reminding that they do not receive exam fees from the candidates in the earthquake zone, stated that a total of 1 million 27 thousand 209 candidates in 2023-YKS are exempt from the exam fee.

Reminding that transportation and accommodation support will be provided to earthquake victims who will take the exam outside of the exam center where they reside, Ersoy noted that they have completed the studies in order to avoid any negativity in the region.

The highest level of security measures

Emphasizing that they are in constant contact with the exam coordinators in all provinces and districts where the exam will be held, Bayram Ali Ersoy said, “The safety of the transport vehicles carrying the exam documents from Ankara to the place where they will be kept in the exam centers and their return to Ankara from the exam centers at the end of the exam are coordinated by the police departments and gendarmerie commands. Candidates will be taken to classes after a detailed search by the officials of the schools where the exam will be held,” he said.

Measures for public transport

Stating that correspondence was made with the relevant institutions in order to ensure that the public transportation vehicles provide sufficient service on exam days, Ersoy stated that the municipalities will provide more frequent trips to the regions where the exam buildings are located, and that the municipalities and police directorates take the necessary measures for the candidates and officials in certain provinces to reach the exam buildings smoothly and on time. gave.

“Census directorates will be kept open on exam days”

Bayram Ali Ersoy reminded that the exam entrance documents containing the information of the hall and building where the candidates will take the exam were opened to the access of the candidates on May 31, and made the following warnings:

“Candidates have to bring their exam entrance documents, identity card with photo or Turkish ID card with photo when coming to the exam. Candidates who do not have a photo in their identity card should immediately go to the civil registration offices to get a new ID card with a photo in order not to be a victim. If you have lost or lost their Turkish ID card, identity card on the exam day, Provincial or district population directorates will be open on exam days for candidates who do not have a photograph or TR ID number on their identity card.

“We work in coordination with all our stakeholders”

ÖSYM President Ersoy noted that necessary measures have been taken in cooperation with all relevant institutions in order to ensure that the 2023-YKS takes place in a safe and peaceful manner in all exam centers in coordination.

In order for the exam to take place in a safe and peaceful environment, Ersoy stated that the Examination Coordination Boards convene under the presidency of the rectors in the provinces and under the chairmanship of the district governors under the coordination of the provincial and district exam coordinators. He said he attended the meetings.

Stating that approximately 1 million people will take part in three sessions in 2023-YKS, Ersoy emphasized that they are working in coordination with the Ministry of National Education, the Council of Higher Education, university rectors and other public institutions.

Noting that all precautions regarding the exam were taken, Ersoy thanked all relevant institutions for their support.

On the other hand, 3 million 243 thousand 334 candidates applied to 2022 YKS.

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