Training of 208 thousand 920 students in 4-6 years old Quran courses has been completed

According to the information received from the Presidency of Religious Affairs, within the scope of the 2022-2023 academic year, the education of the 4-6 age group Qur’an courses, which provide education within the provincial and district mufti offices throughout Turkey, has ended.

Within the scope of the curriculum prepared in cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of National Education, Qur’an course instructors with “Preschool Child Development and Education Course Program” certificate served in the trainings.

This year, 208,920 people graduated from the 4-6 year old Qur’an courses, where 168,439 students were educated last year.

“We will also provide education with topics that will support pre-school education”

Sedide Akbulut, General Director of Education Services of the Presidency of Religious Affairs, said that the Qur’an courses for the 4-6 age group started in 2013 and the demand is increasing every year.

Reminding that the courses were suspended for two years due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Akbulut reported that 75 percent of the courses were given values ​​education and 25 percent of them were to know the Qur’an.

Akbulut stated that the children who received education in the courses learned the Qur’an as a sound and form, as well as the basic values ​​of the Islamic religion, and noted that they received positive feedback from the parents.

Noting that they started a new program this year, Akbulut said, “We have created a program that will trigger the motor and cognitive development of the child and gain skills under the name of complementary gains. That’s why 4-6 years old Qur’an courses started to serve in the format of pre-school education.” said.

Expressing that they will prepare an education book for children for the new term, Akbulut said, “We have new regulations regarding the physical infrastructure of our courses. From now on, we will provide training on topics that will support pre-school education. After leaving our courses, children will gain a significant portion of the achievements related to pre-school education, I hope. ” he said.

“We have graduated more than 1 million students since 2013”

Noting that more than 208,000 learners completed their education in Qur’an courses for ages 4-6 this year, Akbulut said, “We have graduated over 1 million students since 2013. This is very important to us.” used the phrases.

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