TÜBİTAK scholarship payments increased monthly upper limits

According to the statement made by the Ministry, the monthly upper limits for scholarship payments to students in projects supported by TUBITAK Research Support Programs Presidency (ARDEB), Scientists Support Program Presidency (BIDEB) and Technology and Innovation Support Programs Presidency (TEYDEB).

In this context, the amount of scholarship given to associate or undergraduate students is from 2 thousand 180 TL to 3 thousand TL, the amount of scholarship given to graduate students is from 7 thousand 275 TL to 10 thousand TL, the amount of scholarship given to doctoral students is from 9 thousand 920 TL to 14 thousand TL, and the scholarship given to postdoctoral researchers. The amount was increased from 13 thousand 230 liras to 19 thousand liras.

TÜBİTAK scholarships increased for the second time in 2023

On the other hand, if they apply according to the criteria in the BIDEB 2250 Graduate Scholarships Performance Program, doctoral students will be able to receive a performance payment of up to 5 thousand liras and post-doctoral researchers up to 6 thousand liras.

In his statement on the subject, Minister Kacır stated that they continue to make great breakthroughs under the guidance of the National Technology Move and said, “Our biggest pillar is our human resources. “As long as our young people can research, develop and produce. We will always be their supporters. Let this be our holiday good news. TÜBİTAK scholarships have increased for the second time in 2023.” used the phrase.

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