Turkish Maarif Foundation’s education network is expanding

Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMV) President Prof. Dr. Birol Akgün evaluated the agenda in Brussels, where he came to examine TMV’s work in Belgium and to make a series of contacts.

Stating that TMV, which was established in 2016, serves 52 thousand students in around 400 schools in 51 countries, Akgün said, “It is available in 6 continents of the world; in America, Australia, 25 countries in Africa, in the entire Balkans, in some EU member countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan.” “We carry out educational activities in Caucasian and Central Asian countries such as Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kyrgyzstan.” he said.

Akgün stated that the majority of these include programs that provide formal education from kindergarten to the end of high school education, and that there are also collaborations with universities in some countries where the schools are located.

Instilling their native language and culture to Turkish children in Europe

Akgün pointed out that, apart from formal education, they carry out activities such as teaching 3rd and 4th generation Turkish children their native language and culture, providing reinforcement for school lessons, and guiding their families, and added that in Europe, they are mostly aimed at improving the relations of Turkish children with Turkey and improving the Turkish society. He stated that they are working to contribute to raising successful individuals.

Akgün said, “We have achieved very successful results so far. In the past years, we can say that we have achieved 99 percent success in university placement out of every 100 students. This has encouraged us.” he said.

TMV President Akgün continued as follows:

“The good thing is that we connect our children in middle school and high school with successful young people from the Turkish community who are studying at universities, whom we can call their brothers and sisters. In this way, there is a bond between generations, a rapprochement between families, and relations with Turkey are established.”

The foundation’s network is expanding

Akgün emphasized that TMV’s education network has expanded greatly and said, “No matter where we go in the world, we see that there is a serious demand in the schools we open. We have a successful school chain. In this sense, just as there are English, French and German schools all over the world, a chain of Turkish schools has also been formed. “This is a matter of great pride for us. We do this with the support of our state. We make a great effort to reach people with our embassies wherever we go.” made his assessment.

Stating that as of this year, schools have been opened in countries such as Jordan, Georgia, Tanzania, Albania and Kyrgyzstan and their capacities have already been reached, Akgün said:

“Our goal is not to score. To expand the chain of high-quality Turkish schools all over the world, as expected from Turkey, to raise qualified, good people who support Turkey, and thus to ensure that they contribute to the world’s peace, tranquility and brotherhood of humanity with the high humanitarian skills they have acquired. This is our goal.” “Our basic motto.”

Operating in Belgium for over 3 years

TMV, which has been operating in Belgium for more than 3 years, helps overcome the language barrier for Turkish children and their parents living in a country with three official languages. Providing education in Flemish and French as well as Turkish, TMV also offers English support, hobby courses and psychological counseling services.

While TMV supports 350 students in Belgium with these programs, it also provides Turkish lessons to 900 students in the Flemish region.

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