“We took the necessary measures in 11 provinces”

Minister of National Education Yusuf Ekin, in his statement after the “Provincial Education Evaluation Meeting” held at the Rize Governorate Meeting Hall, stated that he would like to enter the 2023-2024 academic year in the most prepared way with minimum problems, by visiting all provinces and identifying their education needs on site. Said they were aiming.

Stating that they started the process with the provinces in the earthquake zone, Tekin said, “We visited all the provinces in the earthquake zone. We determined the education and training needs in all of them. As of September 11, we took the necessary measures to start the education period in these 11 provinces without any problems. Hopefully, without any problems there. We will start the education and training process.” he said.

“We started to tour other provinces as well”

Expressing that the teams continue to work in the region, Tekin said, “We have established a coordination office in the central organization of the ministry for each province. Our friends are constantly working in coordination with our governors and mayors, especially in coordination with 11 provinces. we started.” made its assessment.

Explaining that Rize has a special meaning for him, Tekin said:

“It is considered my hometown. All my childhood, youth, education and training life, especially primary, secondary and high school parts were spent here. My emotional ties are very intense here. While I was starting my duty as Undersecretary, the first province I visited was Rize. When I became a minister, my first place outside the earthquake zone was This was one of the provinces we visited. We have seen very pleasingly that there is no problem in Rize in terms of preparation for education. Our teacher norm needs are close to 100 percent. There are some tight settlements that are needed in terms of the number of classrooms. “We are trying to come up with the most rational solutions, by taking measures to ensure that education and training environments can serve in an optimum way. In this process, there is intense support from our Rize Governor’s Office, our municipality and our deputies. I would like to thank them once again in your presence.”

Minister Tekin underlined that education is a sector that is common with all segments of the society, and that problems will be solved when we act together, and said, “We, the provincial organization of the central administration, local administrations, politicians, parents, families, private schools, private institutions all together process the education and training process together. We want to solve it. Today, we have held the necessary meetings with both politics, our governor’s office and our municipality in this sense.” said.

Explaining that they will start the process in a healthy way, Tekin said, “I hope the new academic year will start smoothly in Rize and all over Turkey and we will take the healthiest steps for the institutionalization of an education and training process that we dreamed of and idealized.” used the phrases.

Visiting the governorship, the municipality and the AK Party Provincial Presidency within the scope of his program, Tekin also met with his teachers and classmates at Rize Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, from which he graduated.

During their visit, Tekin was accompanied by Deputy Minister Kemal Şamlıoğlu, Ministry of National Education Support Services General Manager Ömür Fatih Karakullukçu, Personnel General Manager Bülent Çiftçi, AK Party Rize Deputy Muhammed Avcı and Provincial Director of National Education Yusuf Tüfekçi.

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