YKS additional selection process will start today

Measurement, Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) 2023-YKS Higher Education Programs Additional Placement Guide, which includes the principles and quotas regarding the second chance period additional placement given to YKS candidates for those who did not register within the university registration period ending on September 1, 2023, or for the vacant quotas. It was published for preliminary information purposes.

According to the information compiled from YKS central placement and additional placement guides and statistics, additional placement preferences in higher education programs for the 2023-2024 academic year will start at 14.00 and will continue until September 17.

In order to make a choice in the 2023-YKS additional placement, the candidates’ 2023-YKS placement scores must be calculated. Candidates will be able to make as many choices as they want, not exceeding 24, from the tables in which they have the right to choose.

This year, 1 million 63 thousand 807 candidates were placed in any higher education program in the YKS 2023 first placement.

Preferences can be made for a total of 162 thousand 980 additional quotas.

The number of candidates who did not register after the given registration period and the number of vacant quotas were also announced. Accordingly, when the additional quotas for relatives of martyrs and veterans, earthquake victims and women over the age of 34 are excluded, there are 150 thousand 119 additional quotas for candidates who could not be placed in any program this year.

In addition, there are 12 thousand 861 additional quotas, including 3 thousand 236 additional quotas for relatives of martyrs and veterans, 2 thousand 621 additional quotas for earthquake victims and 7 thousand 4 additional quotas for women over the age of 34. When these quotas are included, candidates for YKS will be able to choose for a total of 162 thousand 980 additional quotas in the second chance period.

99.8 percent of quotas were filled

Last year, 3 million 243 thousand 334 candidates applied to YKS, this year 3 million 527 thousand 443 candidates applied, an increase of nearly 9 percent.

24 thousand 677 additional quotas were allocated at the universities in the province where they live for students residing in provinces affected by the earthquakes, centered in Kahramanmaraş. Approximately 21 thousand additional quotas were given in state higher education institutions to women over the age of 34, who had not previously had the opportunity to benefit from higher education opportunities.

For the first time this year, 3,774 quotas were allocated in foundation higher education institutions for the relatives of martyrs and veterans.

The total quota in higher education programs providing formal education (excluding open education) was 923 thousand 411 this year. This year, 898 thousand 24 candidates were placed in the quotas in question. According to these data, the total number of settlers increased by 47 thousand 393 people compared to last year.

Excluding the quota for women over the age of 34, earthquake victims, martyrs and veterans’ relatives, the occupancy rate of the general quota was 99.8 percent.

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