YKS applications increased in the earthquake zone

Participating in the coordination meetings held for YKS in Gaziantep and Şanlıurfa, Ersoy told the AA correspondent that 3 million 528 thousand candidates in the Basic Proficiency Test, 2 million 500 thousand candidates in the Field Proficiency Tests and 358 thousand candidates in the Foreign Language Exam will attend the exams.

Ersoy stated that they held coordination meetings with the OSYM delegation in the field to ensure that the students in the earthquake area could attend the exam in a healthy way, and stated that they believed that the YKS, which they attach great importance to, would be completed without any problems.

Ersoy continued as follows:

“Especially in this region, we are trying to make our exam in a healthy and comfortable way all over Turkey. As we know, the number of students who applied for this exam last year was 3 million 228 thousand, this year it is over 3 million 500 thousand, that is, more than 300 thousand applications. Especially in 11 provinces in the earthquake zone, while the number of applications was 550 thousand last year, there are close to 900 thousand applications this year. Therefore, our candidates in this region have also shown great interest in the YKS exam. We are in this region to take every precaution.”

Ersoy said that the increase in the number of candidates also contributed to the fact that the exam applications were free in the earthquake region and that 25 percent additional quota was given to the universities in the region.

“Shelter and roadside assistance support will be provided”

Ersoy stated that there are few students who will take the exam in a city different from the city they are in due to the earthquake. As a result of our negotiations with AFAD, our state provides road and shelter assistance to our student who will take the exam in a different province and one of his companions. It meets the need for shelter, especially in KYK dormitories. There will be no need. Our state, as always, has shown its support to all candidates in this exam as well.” said.

400,000 additional candidate applications expected next year

Expressing that the number of YKS candidate applications is expected to increase next year, Ersoy said:

“At the end of our negotiations with the Ministry of National Education, it is said that next year, there will be around 400 thousand additional candidates in YKS. Therefore, the exam we will hold this year will be a rehearsal for next year, but next year we will be more ready. Because why? Some buildings this year damaged, some buildings are being demolished. Some of these buildings will be repaired and repaired next year. Therefore, they will be suitable for the exam. Therefore, we will probably not send students from outside this region to other regions next year. I hope we will conduct an on-site exam for our students.”

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