YKS statement from OSYM President Ersoy

Going to Diyarbakir with the OSYM delegation, Prof. Dr. Ersoy, Deputy Governor of Police House Ömer Coşkun, Deputy Provincial Police Chief Alpaslan Demiray, Deputy Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Colonel Mete Barakazi, Provincial Director of National Education Murat Küçükali, Dicle University Rector Prof. Dr. Mehmet Karakoç attended the coordination meeting held for the YKS to be held on 17-18 June.

Ersoy, in his statement after the meeting, stated that this year, there were 3 million 528 thousand applications for the Basic Proficiency Test (TYT) throughout Turkey.

Stating that there was a significant increase in the number of candidates who will take the exam in Diyarbakır, which is among the 11 provinces affected by the earthquake and among these cities, Ersoy stated that they held a meeting under the coordination of the Governor’s Office in order to conduct the exam in a healthy way.

Noting that the number of candidates who applied to YKS in Diyarbakır last year was 70 thousand, and this year was around 160 thousand, Ersoy said:

“Therefore, there is an increase of more than two times. We came to Diyarbakır with our team to ensure that this exam is held in this region in a healthy manner. We studied this exam with all stakeholders under the coordination of our Governor’s Office. We used all the capacity available for the exam in the whole of Diyarbakır. We have appointed him to start from the closest provinces of Diyarbakır to provide road and shelter assistance and a companion in the city. Therefore, our state will not victimize any of our candidates in Diyarbakır. It will stay with our candidates in Diyarbakır with all its means. Our only goal is that even a single candidate will not suffer from the exam It is not possible to have a healthy exam, pass all exam processes in a healthy way and have a safe exam.”

“We will carry out this process in a healthy way through our governorships and district governorships”

Explaining that the application is not only for Diyarbakır, but also for other provinces in the earthquake zone, Ersoy continued as follows:

“While there were around 550 thousand applications in 11 provinces in the earthquake zone, there are around 900 thousand applications this year. There is an increase of 350 thousand in this region. Therefore, we had to send a limited number of candidates out of the relevant city in all 11 provinces, especially in 4 provinces. We used its capacity fully. All buildings suitable for the exam were used in Diyarbakır. For an exam to be held in a healthy way, there must be a building and an officer. It is important that the building complies with OSYM standards. Therefore, I hope our candidates will not be victims in this sense. We will carry out this process in a healthy way through our governorship and district governorships. “

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